Gonna Start ACTUALLY Teaching Shitty Martial Arts

Gotta make money somehow and moving chairs blows ass. If I can’t use my actual credentials and resume to eat, it’s time to start scamming. What sub par art do you think I should buy credentials in? Karate? TKD? Tai chi?

Is there some reason you don’t just try teaching grappling?

Obviously, we all know your feelings on IBJJF and the history there. However, you have skills and from my recollection @Dr.Gonzo signed off on your black belt. You could even just do no gi and just teach “submission grappling” if you wanted.

Bad reputation. Hard to attract clients. No capital for a spot either. So if I take a couple years courses at an established bullshit spot I can then go resell the bullshit.

Your system just contains to much bile

There are Ninjitsu and Krav Maga schools over here taught by instructors that have been getting private lessons in BJJ for years, some of whom are now black belts.

They teach that in their classes.

There is no reason you cant put on some black pyjamas , call yourself a Ninja master and then teach people decent martial arts and call it “The Real Ninjitsu” or “The Real Krav”.

If any Ninja’s or Krav dudes call you a liar then challenge them to a fight.

If ever there was a scam I approve of its this one.

I liked the videos you linked on youtube, you should absolutely start teaching. 90% of the people who walk into your school aren’t going to know your history, most won’t care.

You should really just teach what you know, you are more qualified than a lot of instructors out there.

I train in a garage after my coach closed his premises during the lockdowns/covid restrictions. He’s got full classes all through the day now. You don’t need much to get started. We moved with him not because of his premises, but because of the quality of the training.

Think about which audiences you want to attract, which kind of class you want, etc. Don’t sell yourself short, don’t give up before you try. Go watch some goggins clips :joy:

I can’t afford a school. I have to get hired. And that’s impossible. Most gym owners have been mislead into avoiding me and any that wouldn’t are gonna be mobbed with goons and harassing calls and dismiss me.

Thank fuck.

Seriously get in to RSBD. It is literally a licence to print money. There are absolutely no standards and who are they going to send after you?

You can work being this bad guy in to your marketing strategy.

The man they want to ban.

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Not putting up with this BS much longer. Cleaning chairs for 18 bucks after decades of education is just wrong. I strongly suggest no one try to harm my next business.

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Those tropes might have been beaten to death imo

I think he should go more the RSBD route and call it SpyCraft or something like that.

I am a known ninja. That could work.

If you want a more serious answer about starting your own business.

I know a retired guy who started and sold a few very successful business’

When new entrepreneurs would ask him the question about what to name their business’. He would always tell them all that matters is that you put your own name on it somewhere. He says that sets the tone for success since it’s your name that going out there to the public and the public will reciprocate by putting more trust in the business since it’s your name on the sign.

I’m a defamation/extortion victim. No use for my name.

Could just be a moniker. Like your initials or a pseudonym.

I haven’t ran my own business. So I was just passing on some second hand wisdom from someone who has.

Scout hall, youth center, your garage, you can make a plan. Less excuses, more suggestions, how would you succeed …

Derp, you’re missing the issue.

I don’t get the reference.

We need a catchy name

Preferably a pneumonic

Talked to a UFC fighter at the club last night. Apparently getting out is the wave. Seems the money is low, which would explain the sheisty behavior I experienced. Still would make a nice addition to the journalism though. The chairs ain’t cutting it.

True that’s a decent approach.