"Get Over Here!" - Scorpion

Its one thing to chase someone off. Its another to chase them off unjustly. And then theres chasing the champ off on a completely fraudulent basis, moving in and then accepting praise for shit you never did. I think we should compare @Phrost 's totally real achievements with my delusional fraud that I should be killed for, ON CAMERA. We can rent a dojo anytime.

And you keep getting called out for being involved with or complacent with ridiculous amounts of martial arts frauds and martial arts fraud. You’re the one who told us to call this shit out. So I am. OG Bullshido never would’ve allowed such low standards combined with such horrific defamation. I’m paying 24k per year so bored white professionals can sit around a glorified country club and larp like they do the same thing I was doing. Fuck outta here…


Is it lazy of me that I refuse to learn Scorpion’s MK1 combos, just so I can beat my youngest without them and pretend it’s 1992?

He’s still winning 2/3 of the time, usually “cheesing” with Kung Lao the Shaolin dude with the hat, or Smoke with the Indonesian karambit knife. But we have a bargain where if he talks smack, I get to force him to do actual Shaolin training until he cries, to remind him it’s just a game. Takes minutes.

He can handle it though. Kid has put on 20 pounds of muscle just this year. Probably getting laid tonight, too. Philly girls are fast. Oy, keine hora.

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I’m more a tekken guy. I like that its intuitive and technical, whereas mk and sf are a bit abstract.

Two words, or is it one?

Omni-Man. Now playable. Kicked his ass with Scorpion, too. No combos.

Have you read Moore?

Have not.

Anyways, we need another Throwdown. That shit kept niggas honest back in the day. Now we got a problem cause niggas wanna talk shit, but not abide by the put up or shut up rule. That was never suspended in cases of celebrity service. I don’t see why we’re making a historic and devastating fraud exception based on ethnicity. Brazilian frauds, AND THEIR ACCOMPLICES, are still frauds.

I don’t see how this shit is any different from the Jamokes of the site that would talk reckless, but never show.