Frauds being taken down by ACTUAL experts

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And I know you guys are fraudulent fraud busters, but anyone can learn. So there are two actual frauds relevant to this business structure. Pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes. A pyramid schene is referring to this fraudulent structure, where money is getting passed up a pyramid, and a ponzi scheme is where the money invested (possibly into a pyramid scheme) is paid back by new investors as opposed to product sold. Affiliate marketing, direct sales, and MLM marketing are other names for these scams. ANY FUCKING TIME YOU SEE THIS STRUCTURE ITS FRAUD. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. Its taught in any legit business school (I went to Morehouse), that this is fraud. It is fucking fraud. Selling vacuums? Its fraud. Selling chocolate? Still fraud. Selling martial arts? STILL FUCKING FRAUD. And if you tell someone to sign up for such a fraud or else, thats extortion and/or blackmail depending on the details. Dumb fucks. Notice how they knew exactly what the scam was immediately and could accurately predict and describe the elements of his business structure well before he got to them? BECAUSE ANY EDUCATED MAN KNOWS THIS IS FRAUD. These frauds prey on the stupid and ignorant and damn did they hit the motherload with bullshido.

Coffeezilla almost lost me at “internet detective” but then my boy came in the room and bragged he had already seen this video, so I had to watch it all.

Wu Tang is for the children. I’m living it.

Coffeezilla is solid. He’s educated, ethical and doesn’t cop to special interests. For example, Logan Paul got called out like everyone else. He wasn’t made out to be some special case above reproach. He simply got called out with the rest of the scammers and when dude continued to scam, coffeezilla continued to speak on it. Compare that to our fraudulent investigators.

And think about it, do you think they then gathered a hundred people to harass the sharks and destroy their lives as a message to others who didnt invest? Fuck no. Thats how you actually deal with fraud as opposed to enabling it.

I think the problem at bullshido was a lack of business fraud education, which made such simple tacticts as pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes and attacking the whistleblower effective. Actual fraud investigators or anyone thats passed a business class or two wouldve caught that immediately.