Fragile Masculinity: The Thread

which war is this?

Take your pick.
There are plenty of real and literal physical geopolitical wars right now.
There is also an unprecedented amount of cyberwarfare right now by nation states, groups, and individual actors, that often have civilian and commercial supply chain targets, as well as government institution targets.
And there are no shortage of divisive and polarizing social issues, where the folks on either side consider the other side to be worthy of serious criticism, and are each convinced that their side has the moral high ground, and the other side does not.

You said ‘the war’ so I assume a specific one was in mind. You can be specific

That rather defeats the point, of what I was saying.

Sword fight.

I thus do grieve.
And in my funeral rites,
honor not just my own dead,
But all the dead,
who died, doing right.

You stated a singular, now you refuse specifics when asked to clarify… are we trying to avoid a discussion so your ideas can’t be challenged?

No, you missed the point entirely.

Which was, everybody tends to thinks their war, or divisive position is more justified than their opposite.

And they fly their flags, wear their shirts, and say their soundbites.

In many cases the war, or social position is both real, and has some justification - often ironically on both sides.

Now, separately, if you want to have an argument, put forward a position, and I will tell you if I agree with it, or disagree with it.

By the way, who pissed on your beans and toast?

Not always. Some people know they’re dead wrong, thought they saw an easy mark and grabbed for it. A state of war exists when they are wrong in their assessment.

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Simultaneous hit and miss.

How are you supposed to fit plates in there.

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You still have failed to answer the question, and what you just said was not communicated at all in your previous message, this is waffle to avoid acknowledging and addressing my question.

I’m not upset like you think, I just asked you to elaborate and you got defensive by accusing me of such. Your comments said nothing of substance and came of as deflective. Nothing more.

Whichever war it is, we best understand what it is, right? Get the subject matter clarified rather than ‘here’s multiple choice’ when we specified a ‘the war.’


Here is the answer:

That is not a deflection.

That is the specific answer to the specific question you asked.

that was not your original message i responded to when I asked the question prior to accusations around someone pissing in my breakfast.

I’m more interested in discussing these wars more specifically. There’s a lot of ‘culture war,’ talk these days and my first thought is ‘which culture?’

I think we may need to just take a moment and make sure we’re on the same page.

People ultimately like to treat society as this monolithic cultural entity when it’s truly not the case. It’s the concept of ‘attack on western values.’ Which western values? British values different from American for example, and even then we can talk about a range of things. If you’re interested in shooting the breeze on the specifics of these wars and what they are.

For example, I’ve been told that my simple existence as a queer person is part of a ‘war’ on ‘traditional values.’ How is this war? How is it fought? These are the things I’d like to get into, but perhaps this isn’t the right place, and we could take it to DM’s if you’re interested in analysis of the ways society looks at these things? We could cover just about any of the wars people talk about because there is no ‘one’ war to call ‘the war.’

That was my point.
Along with there are a lot of “culture wars”, and everybody tends to think their side is the morally justified side, and ironically, both or multiple opposing sides often do have some moral justification, meaning multiple, and opposing moral justifications often do exist.

That is merely one example.

Aren’t you better off asking someone who holds that opinion?
I don’t mind discussing various topics with you, but on the last point, any answer I would give would be speculative, as that is not a position that I hold.
Perhaps you can give examples of the people or groups that you feel hold that position, and we could research what their stated position is, what their position by their actual behaviors are, and why they might have those positions?

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Well I have a quiet december coming up with gym attendance dropping, so you’ve just given me something to do.

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Only $2, down from $2.50.

I can tell you all about the war. First off, its not about your existence as a queer person. Its about retaliation for a series of crimes between 2016 and 2022 carried out by queer signaling straight commanders.

The war is fought with maps and militias. Everyone goes and makes maps then stalks the target until the target kills themselves or does so much violence that they end up in jail. Totally ethical, especially for a political disagreement. We should bring this system to martial arts. Phrost could write the ethical framework, rabbit the technical, and off we go bullying people to death.

It should also be noted that this was the primary reason for the J6 attack. Its literally the lefts, and bullshido’s, cyberbullying causing most of the trouble. Cause I’m supposed to be training martial arts, not dragging people through the streets, but here we are.

Next time you see one man seek to own another, sound the alarm and strike the slaver down. If not, war touches us all.