Fake or Fraudulent Academic Studies Thread

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Wow , Well she did right a book on the benefits of being a rebel.

Surveys suck as a method of experimental research. This is why I stick to transfinite logic in mine. The space between aleph 0 and aleph 1 is precise.

Also, those “DataColada” guys are morons. Not in the technical sense, but in the academic sense. If you run a hyperbolic “blog” with titles like theirs over the last couple of months, be prepared for shunning.

Imagine, behavioral scientists thinking they are forensic scientists…“Data Falsifcata” parts I, Ii, and III: “Clusterfake”, “My Class Year is Harvard”, and “The Cheaters are Out of Order”. Sounds like they can’t get laid, even amongst the frosh.

I expect a massive lawsuit in the near future, and Daubert tests these three dummies would fail fabulously.

Reminds me of the “Who Killed Seth Rich” idiots. They had a blog too.

Behavioral “scientists” pretending to be forensic scientists is a good thing IMO. Their shit is fake anyways, but pretending to do forensics at least gives them access to basic facts.

There’s a long running joke in the DFIR community about finding “fibers” and solving the whole case. It’s up there with the “enhance image” trope.

From what I’ve read these guys found some fibers, slapped together some circumstantial evidence along with some “anonymous investigators” and decided they are experts on discovering fraud.

The trouble is fraud has very serious legal ramifications, not the least of which is defamation if you claim someone is a fraud just because you found some things that don’t add up. I’m not surprised she’s on administrative leave (ie vacation) and her husband is fielding media inquiries. Regroup, recover, re-engage.

You know exactly what I mean. This is why I never watched CSI after the first season. And I’m probably the biggest William Peterson nutrider on earth. I just can’t stand the amateur hour gumshoes, and the internet is infested with them.

I agree to an extent, but Ive had my ass saved by similar fraud. When I was being abused by the state on falsified psychiatric science, they skipped the entire process of even finding out who they were talking to.

Theres a thing called a forensic psychiatrist though and they have this awesome super power of being permitted to do things like ask questions and use google. This lead them to realize I was in fact being stalked by crazed jiujitsu creeps. Now, was there any special forensic psychiatry or anything involved? No, but her belief in the fact that that was a thing mentally and socially allowed her to do better work when their original plan was to get up there, write fan fiction about me and plan crimes for me to commit in the future.

Them saying “We actually don’t know this guy” was never in the cards, so I prefer the forensic bullshit over regular bullshit.

Still trying to link up?

Trying to see if Roman authorities will authorize me being Mark Zuckerberg’s cut man. If so, we could meet at the Piazza Venezia for coffee and lunch.

Boston is more of a long shot, not in my near near future, but maybe in the relatively local long term.

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