Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg MMA

It is being thrown around fairly seriously at the moment GSP has put his hand up to train Musk.

The coliseum have put their hand up to be the venue.

And Dana white has put his hand up to make money off it.

Meanwhile Zuckerberg already trains out of a legitimate gym. And honestly I hope he stays with them. Dave Camarillo.

I aprove of the whole deal. I like that these billionaires are adopting a warrior culture and doing a thing that only effort can buy.

And i think it will be good for MMA. Mabye raise the amature scene a bit. I mean i assume this will be a 3 round amateur C class exhibition.

We’ve all been there.

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Anybody here familiar with the new AI-based Harry Potter Chamber of Gains strain?

This is one of many.

I carry enough weight to make vests redundant.

Zuckerberg wants to discuss the B double J on threads. Which is the new twitter or something.

This is the part where Mark and Elon fight in the courts over the talent, and the talent wins.

Elon is total trash, and pretty dumb. He likes to pick fights online with rescue workers and doctors. Good at rockets, but he’s no James Cameron.

Mark can code but is so socially awkward they picked Jesse Eisenberg to play him, and it worked.

Where is Superman when you really need him. Where’s Batman??

Why are real billionaires so weak?

Richard branson probably had some go in him at one point.

No I have watched him from when I was a kid hes always been a pussy.

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I have a cousin with Asbergers and one of my closest friends.

They almost identical to Elon in character, insanely talented at whatever they focus on but that obsession can change direction over time.

They as Elon are not dumb but they do make mistakes in social settings, sometimes big ones.

If I was a gambling man id say if they both have 12 months of proper training (Zuck was with Stylebender this week) which they will both have access to in abundance my money would be on Musk.

If be becomes obsessed with his training he will become decent quickly and hes bigger.

Ive watched Zuck grapple and fair play to him he is doing really well but ive seen similar guys for years and I think he will struggle with an angry obsessed looking guy bigger than him punching him in the face.

Two words:

Wolf tickets.

Keep in mind these two are not just any old gong sau. These guys have billions to throw at each other in multiple battle spaces.

Elon went to war against a Thai rescue worker online, claimed he was a pedophile when he became critical of Musk, because Musk was pushing some dumb robot torpedo design to save he kids

Nope, divers best AI every time. Except at maybe 2 kilofathoms.

Our gym does 12 week fighter programs. And it still amazes me how quickly we can turn a flinchy soft dough boy in to a guy who won’t die in a fight.

After a real year of fight training they come out the end of those different people. (Sometimes)

Otherwise Zuckerbergs gym which I think is guerilla MMA. Is legitimately good enough to create a first time fighter vs any other gym.

I mean at some point the best of the best will start to make a difference. But not for a first fight.

So Elon might have more cunt in him. But there are going to be so many other factors to consider.

So I am going to say for now Zuck takes it. And this is because he already has the rapport with his team and so they will be able to punish him harder during camp.

they also have a lot of money and time to throw at expensive trainers, and more incentive than us lowly folk to throw the fight for extra money.

Im honestly wiped out from all this celebrity fighting shite of late, and at this point the only ones I’d be interested in are seeing Dana get his ass handed to him, or politicians fighting each other with only as much training as we regular people to see how they do

Billions of dollars won’t replace hard work in this instance.

You can buy t shirts.

I’m seeing a vision of the future where Mark and Elon somehow turn this into some sort of VR exhibition.

I mean, why fight in Rome if you can do it in the Metaverse, or xAI? Isn’t that the real endgame?

In some sense, the fight already happened. It’s over, but I do know Musk is not in that shape. But the AI can make him look like he slams his pecs 5x a week.

Like I said earlier, were in the Harry Potter Chamber of Gains now. The memes have the upper hand.

Ever seen that one episode of Black Mirror, “Striking Vipers”? Same thing.


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Nah this is a regular Gong Sau

Loads of shit talking resulting in a challenge that bears no relation to what they were originally beefing about and which is unlikely to result in a fight but if by miracle it does it will look awful but be funny.

The rest is irrelevant.

If 15+ years on this site of webz has taught me anything its to spot two idiots having a regular Gong Sau when I see one.

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Yeah but we had stupid gong saus.

Nobody fought for the sake of getting a fight in. They all wanted this exhibition of fragile masculinity.

And I think that is starting to leave the popular perception of MMA just a little bit. At least with the amature youtubers who are doing that sort of thing.

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There are a million of these now, and every one is a gem.

Reminds me of that old Hot Chocolate classic. Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s for sure.

Call me Lord Swoledemort.

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Cowboy cerone vs andrew tate on the undercard?

The “doesn’t he know andrew tate is like a champion kickboxer” comments are gold .

He isn’t small, damn. Thought he was like 5’3 120 pounds but I haven’t seen a good photo of him past 2008.

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