Early UFC did have one strong boxer competing named Melton Bowen

And he did horribly. The problem all these strikers had is that they are either gun shy and don’t do anything, or are completely oblivious to how easily they get taken down If they don’t go for broke.

Now you would think that the full Contact fighters would have greater killer instincts, but they do the exact same thing as the Karate dorks…

they throw a weak punch, grappler ducks under it, and they get subbed or ground and pounded.

Even guys who can kick, don’t throw it. They lack confidence under pressure.

Now this Guy throws a leaping hook which puts him at a great disadvantage if he misses… Worst thing he can throw…but he at least threw a punch.

Steve Jennum, the “Ninja Cop”, had to leave the tournament after this fight, he took too many head shots to continue.

@W.Rabbit Heh, no but he retired from swollen hands. Kinda sissy

What part of this sentence didn’t make sense to you.

Jennum took too many shots to the head. Bowen’s head.

BJJ wins again. Balm those palms, botches, and your tiger fu will never retire.

@W.Rabbit Quote: Jennum could not continue in UFC 4 due to swelling of his hands after hitting Bowen repeatedly in the head when Jennum was on full mount.

You can’t take shots from another persons head… That’s incorrect grammar

Sure you can. It’s legal in Lethwei.

“Take a shot”. Think. It’s not grammar, it’s a POV.

What part of injuring your hands by smashing them on someone’s skull is lost in translation.

@W.Rabbit Listen to this.

Tank Abbott claims that the boxer was unable to grappler in those gloves because there was a plastic thing in the middle of the glove that wasn’t removed.

Tank claims he was the first one to remove that part.
A POioneering concept of a hybrid striking and grappling glove.
Any idea what he is referring to that is on the glove?

Btw, the main reason people didn’t punch much bare knuckle punching in those early events is probably due to the lack of adrenalinet/aggression. They weren’t actually angry at their opponent.

So in that sense it’s only a simulation of a no holds barred fight.