Donations to the Bullshido non-profit

If you are not broke ass, and/or a dead beat,
Here is where you make a donation to the Bullshido non-profit to help pay for these forums, among other things, related to the non-profit:

If you post and/or enjoy these forums, and do not make a donation, then you are either broke ass, or a dead beat, or both.

Your virtue signalling is nauseating

Make a donation anyway.
These forums are not without operating costs, and you use them.

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Is it that time already?

It’s been a whole year.


Time flies.

When you’re old.

My subscription is on auto renew

Or should be

Just rob Vinny. Be like “Yo, we’re running this story if you don’t have 2 racks.” Then when he doesn’t pay, expose his ass.

Can I get a translation function?

Bullshido should raise money via extortion. “Oh, we just need 2k to vet your side of the story we’re about to run.” They’d get some payments.

Note to self-

February 2nd you are due to pay again.

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Yeah no.

We’re the good guys, and it’s not about the money anyway, it’s about doing more to fight BS and not having to come out of pocket to make that happen.

I’m busting balls. It would work though. 0o0ps w3 l0st your pap3rw0rk…


I am but mad north-northwest. When the wind is
southerly, I know a hawk from a hand saw.

You of all people, should donate at least $5,000.
Really $10,000.

^ lil Bill hasn’t gotten his dick wet in. Amok time.

Can’t you feel the burning :hot_face:?

Ha. Come at me, Cosby.


And you a Doctor of Journalism?

Doctors and Lawyers are supposed to pay full freight, to pay for all the working folks, disabled, and the rest.

Or didn’t anybody tell you that in doctor school?

You have been using this gear for a long time.

Longer than me.

But I paid for my doughnuts.

Pay for yours.

Seek professional help. You are not prepared for what’s coming.

What’s coming, Svengali?

And, what’s your excuse, for not paying up like a doctor, Doctor?