Does anyone want to buy a $850 video game?

I bought this game a little over 10 years ago for 20 dollars and I found out today that it’s worth alot of money. I never owned a niche item before so it’s kind of cool. I don’t think I’ll sell it though.

It’s an ultra rare game, $400-$800+ based on condition. Definitely in the top ten of PS2 collectibles.

The price has only recently started to rocket (2-3 years), but if it’s in good condition I’d hold onto it. Keep in mind the price doesn’t mean anything, it can take years to find a buyer for any decent relic.

But a damn good investment for a bargain bin purchase…I should go hunting GameStop for this one.

I have the box not just the CD. Yeah I’m lucky I picked it up when I did. I bought this other game called Red Ninja. It’s not worth as much as blood will tell. But people are selling it for $180-$300 on ebay. Which is surprising since it got bad reviews back in the day.

The reviews aren’t what matters.

All that matters is the rarity.

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