Disturbing Display of Violence

I post this as a reminder that any teaching of how to fight or hurt another human being has to be done under moral and legal guidance.

It is of the most extreme, horrible and disturbing nature.

+18 and Viewers Discretion, please.

If any mod wants to delete it, fair.

But remember this when you teach or learn to fight. Good ol’ Karate Ni Sente Nashi and all that. Oss.

That was a part of my training, though we only broke their fingers so they couldn’t shoot and not the whole arm.

Clerk maims robber?

Did the other guy at least have a firearm or is this just gratuitous maiming?

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With that video, I imagine that guy is looking at serious charges (assuming US legal system) and likely civil suit as well.

Where’s this from? Back story?

Came to me through shitposting in a WhatsApp group. No idea. Sorry.

And I can’t really focus in the surrounding scenario.

Could be an intoxicated guiri in Costa del Sol that pissed of some eastern europe mob boss. But that’s a guess because the aggressor doesn’t even look madly angry but meaningfully cold blooded.

Found a few articles referencing a MMA fighter Ivan Kontić who is being extradited to Serbia to face charges …

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Yeah man you’re right.


they should ban Judo for this

I can feel the sarcasm, but don’t see the point of it.

there is rarely a point to my sarcasm

Needs more italics

Like in Rome?


Like in Rome

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I think you mean… Wome

You wascle