Decent or Good Vegan meals

I am a prodigious meat eater, historically, but there are some vegan meals I like, particularly some older ethnic dishes.

What are your favorite vegan meals?

Well, I like lacto-pickled beets, and cucumber pickles, and pickles of all sorts, lacto-fermented, or vinegar pickled.

And all sorts of fresh vegetables and greens prepared in many ways.

Whatever that Indian spinach and fresh cheese stuff is called, love that stuff.

I’ve got a whole vegan cookbook if you want I can give you the title?

You can’t have my copy.

I love pickles, you bet.

Saag paneer. I like that too. I have grown very fond of Indian food, in the past few years.

And I am a sucker for cooked spinach.

As you know, I also love the salatim (hummus, baba ganoush, schug, matbucha, pita) dealio as well. I do that about every two weeks, for a couple days.

I would have the salatim more, but the wife starts to complain, about dose and frequency.

Yeah, I love all that stuff too.

Can lead to some serious… side effects… though, in large doses.

Falafel… love it… my colon, on the other hand…

It’s not strictly vegan because it had pork in it but when I was in the army one of the DFACs on Ft Huachuca used to have fresh spinach mixed with vinegar and a little bacon sprinkled on. I took a liking to it.

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Chips (French fries to you guys)

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OH, yeah, man. Different greens are really good cooked that way.

I’ve got some fresh Swiss Chard in a spot right outside my kitchen door. I cook it like that (minus the bacon, LOL, as I’m working on my HDL/LDL ratio).

ONions, olive oil, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, greens, and some vinegar for acid. It’s kind of a mix of sautee and then steam.


Reminds me, need to head out and dig some spuds for breakfast!

Tarka Dhal and Vegetable Biriyani are both winners for me.

Also in South Africa they make a mixed bean curry which is pretty spectacular.


It’s not vegan, but a tomato sandwich is a good thing.

As is a tomato grilled cheese sandwich.

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Also not vegan, but Philadelphia tomato pie, is good.

As is pizza, generally.

Tortilla Chips and salsa.


Also the close relative , pita and hummus.


I also love to eat meat but I like vegan diet as well. My favorite vegan meals include but are not limited to Dosas, Dal Chaawal, Kitchari, Rajma, Okra, and Carrots.

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I’m working on the perfect air fryer chips

Waxy spuds

4 or 5 mins in the micro wave

Cut in chips

A drizzle of oil

10 mins at 180 °c, shake up after 5
10 mins at 200°c, shake after 5

A corn flour coating helps prevent sticking and can carry spices or other flavours

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Now make it green and fried and I’m there.

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Me too.

Vodka is vegan!

In 12 different ways.

There’s a place in the city north of me that opened a few months ago that brought some good Indian food to the area. Their lamb khorma is really good, but their vegetable dishes great. Good samosas too.