Crisis Actors? WTF?

Um… has anyone actually looked into this? These guys are actually a problem. Fake aliens, fake riots, fake terror attacks, all conducted by the national guard, the coast guard and FEMA. These guys are basically professional terrorists.


Keep in mind, people previously identified as “crisis actors” in the past include the parents of murdered children. Actual.

Being able to prove someone is both an actor AND agent is the whole goal of counterintelligence. You need to be willing not only to gather the Intel, but also be critically objective. Otherwise, your paranoia takes over and your neighbors become the spies next door.

This is a slippery slope. Tread cautiously, or the rabbit hole will peer into you, to paraphrase Nietzsche.

Good point. Never mind.

Thing is, all my neighbors ARE spies at this point. Not literally my neighbors, but my community. Spies, counter terrorists, terrorists and what have you. Like every single person I run with. All of them. So the crisis actor is confirmed. The question is what his plan is. My intel is saying he’s probably a good guy sent to help, which makes sense, as he’s about par for the course and his men are awesome. Just his abilities are scary as fuck, if he were to be a bad guy.

Everyone failed the same mission, but the other missions give hints as to the nature and alignment of people.