Cracking Down on Derails

Ok fuckers, enough of that shit. There’s a whole assload of forum to post other things on, so use it. The point of a thread is for other people to find and discuss a particular thing, (in case you are too fucking stupid to get this concept).

Derailing a thread is the product of childish narcissism: “but I WANT TO talk about WHAT I WANT”. Fuck off into the garbage chute, Veruca.

This is just one of many reasons why new members show up, and then promptly leave. It’s not cute, so cut it the fuck out.

Good idea. When I created the social media movement, back in the 90s, keeping threads on topic was one of the most dificult tasks.

In all seriousness though, does this mean that we can push false claims if they feel truthy enough or have a narrative behind them?

Like, can I just casually mention in a thread how my cool level headed leadership got people through the pandemic safely? The guy to call me out would be derailing, yes?

You got called out on the last thread for basically telling another member to fuck off for not supporting the bashing of JP Sears with the explanation that we all support good business practice here. Thats not true at all but I can see how you wish it was and to a large extent believe it is. Shit, I wish it were true.

So what is policy when someone casually states some BS? Create a new thread? Let it stand?

You’re one of the main culprits here.

So how should we handle it when someone makes false claims? Cause the correct way has been in the past to call them put asap.

Start another thread.

We have community standards?
I thought those restrictive atavisms were left behind in the old forums.