COVID19 lock down measures - Helpful or Harmful?

John Hopkins meta-analysis of 24 studies researching the impact of lock down measures on reducing COVID19 mortality in communities finds:

“They were separated into three groups: lockdown stringency index studies, shelter-in-placeorder (SIPO) studies, and specific NPI studies. An analysis of each of these three groups support the conclusion that lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality.”

If I reading this right.

They just looked at mortality rates.

Not how lockdown measures reduced transmission rates or hospitalizations?

Seems incomplete and I’m not sure how they can reach that conclusion based on correlating mortality rates.

Very interesting read.

I was generally anti lockdown from the very beginning but I had sympathy for the decision as here it was to prevent the national health service from becoming overwhelmed which at the time was considered to be a scenario that would result in far greater deaths from all causes and what were were seeing on the news in Italy looked like a post apocalyptic nightmare.

It is really important to look at the deaths caused as a result of locking people down and compare them to the death rate statistics of all variants that is now known in order to really assess if it was a good thing to do or not.

The premature deaths as a result of locking down will continue for the next few years however.

Only 17,000ish people died of covid in the UK that had zero underlying health conditions.

So you have to wonder if the 5yr death averages are going to go down over the next few years as all the people that would have died anyway will have been taken out early by covid but now to add to that we have people dying through suicide as they’re lives where ruined and deaths from untreated conditions.

When we look at all the billions wasted its hard not to think that a better strategy would have been to spend all that money protecting the vulnerable and letting the healthy people get on with their lives.

The UK set up nightingale hospitals that were never used, why not use them to treat covid patients and leave the other hospitals to do what they usually do?

This isn’t the benefit of hindsight as many were saying this exact same things in March 2020.

Also ill add that I had to be out working through the pandemic despite being obese and over 40 which statistically puts me at higher risk.

I was mixing with other guys on site and some of whom got covid and as we needed to communicate we mostly didnt wear masks.

It wasn’t particularly comfortable but I couldn’t expect to send men out to work around the country and not go and pitch it too so i made sure I was out with them day and night showing that all hands on deck meant just that.

Fortunately many of the guys that I work with are fearless which although can cause problems when dealing with 400kg pieces of glass 6 stories up in the air or working on a glass roof , it is invaluable when you need to keep things moving during a pandemic.

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Deaths per Million

Ireland 1247
UK 2358
Oz 167
Sweden 1563
USA 2744
NZ 10

Sweden famously had minimal lock down restrictions and faired better than other countries with quite strict measures

There must be other factors at play to explain this

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Perhaps the pandemic/lock downs led to suicides that would have just happened further up the line due to some other life crisis, weighed against people who have benefited, financially and mental health wise from wfh etc

It’s certainly a very complex situation that will provide fodder for sociologists for decades to come

Supply chain issues, are a big deal, and separate from COVID19 mortality.

The study has limits, all studies do.
However, even though I am a huge supply chain evangelist myself,
the COVID19 mortality discussion is also necessary.
There was certainly plenty of rhetoric about that.
And heavy politicization.
Including the “you will kill your grandma” if you don’t support lock downs crowd.

Possible explanations might include:
virus variants
genetic dispositions
prevalence of underlying health conditions
treatment approach.
cultural behaviors and lifestyles

Cases Per Million

Ireland 244,474
UK 266, 478
Oz 108, 221
Sweden 220, 969
USA 232, 992
NZ 3590

(Deaths Per Million/Cases Per Million )×100

Ireland. 0.5
UK. 0.9
Oz. 0.2
Sweden 0.7
USA. 1.2
NZ. 0.3

100% some groups will be dining out on this for 50yrs .

I think the only thing we can be certain about is that regardless of the origins of this particular virus it is never a good idea to eat bat.

Unless deep fried.
Still not a first pick.

Our four free rapid test came in the mail yesterday.

Made in China.

On topic. I’m curious what percentage of deaths here in the US were listed due to COVID when it was truly other issues that caused a death.

Destroyed our society.


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