Coverage of the Police Response

At the latest shooting is all BS. One thing I despise is when people have two clear options, one demonizing someone and the other the truth, and they pick demonization.

One version of events has all the cops standing outside beating parents while a select few went in and rescued only their kids. That is complete bullshit. You can tell because the MOTIVE for this isn’t there. It doesn’t make sense.

What DOES make sense is that the parents encountered a perimeter team, which is necessary to prevent retarded shit like parents rushing the school likr an action movie. Or I dunno, the shooter walking out the front door and mowing down distraught parents with no police presence. Its also a great place to put your command center, instead of dropping it into a raging shootout.

And as for going in to get their kids, while it does make sense that an officer would do that, its a weird complain to make that officers were all outside and then to complain that some went inside. And whats the allegation? So they make it in, find their kids class, walk right by the shooter and then when theu get to the classroom, they just grab one kid, do a mustache twirl and leave while the other cops are making sure the shooter is safe from the parents?

Its a perimeter defense team and an entry team. I get things went horribly and people feel terrible, but lets consider the actual thought process of the officers.

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Yeah. There was a bunch of hoo har about one of the other ones where a cop or someone hid in cover and waited for the swat team.

And it isn’t like the swat team rolls in in dribs and drabs. They wait untill they are ganged up and more likely to win the fight as well.

You just don’t see it.

The police have apologised for waiting 40 minutes before they stormed the class room

They are putting it down to strategic error

Still just a standard issue twitter attack. Would this mob be saying “Great job.” had these guys run in, shot a few kids through walls, got a few officers killed, let parents breach the line, shot a few armed parents and generally turned things into wild west shit show? Of course not.

This article gives some credence to reports of LE going in for their own kids

Nuanced of course

"The officers started opening classroom doors, and Albarado said he guided people to safety.

“First classroom, second classroom, third classroom, saw my daughter,” Albarado said. “Relief. Big relief.”"

They clearly saved the other kids too.


But you can see where the story came from

It wasn’t baseless

But it WAS untrue, and that matters. This is what happens when people get ahold of a narrative. They start taking each issue and making it match the narrative. So cops going in and saving three classrooms worth of kids until they found theirs, then leading them to safety, becomes “COPS SAVED THEIR OWN KIDS AND NOT ANYONE ELSE.” It’s a lie thats close enough to the truth to fit into the narrative that people want. A lie that fits in well with a popular narrative is still a lie.

It is a school shooting. The only comments made are about projecting a narrative.

It is called skin in the game.

It wad true that he went in to get his kid

Had he not had a kid there it is unlikely that he would have gone to the scene at all

It is also true that he bravely went into danger and rescued many kids

I can see how this could be misinterpreted by other parents who were prevented from doing the same

Right. They’re being irrational, because their kids just got shot up. OF COURSE they are. But as a level headed person you should be able to see through that.

I doubt I’d be level headed if my kids were being mass murdered

Exactly. But they werent so you should be able to seperate facts from narrative.

I didn’t jump to conclusions, but I also realise the media should verify info before they report it and rectify mistakes

It’s starting to look more like the wrong guy was in charge