Cold War History that you didn't know you needed

Accidents with nukes on American soil. Some of the terminology this guy uses is wrong but it’s close enough to get a general idea of what he’s talking about. Whenever he mentions uranium, he really means enriched uranium. Regular uranium we find in the ground isn’t a huge health hazard. Enriched uranium on the other hand is extremely dangerous.

Please note the number of times some of these bombs were lost and was never reported found.

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This is the cleanest example of Yuri’s lecture that I can find. It is common to find clips and small pieces of this lecture all over the internet edited to insert a lot of racist, nationalist, neo-nazi and other assorted far rightwing misinformation attempting to tie the efforts of the KGB to one targeted group of supposed collaborators or another.

The most important thing to keep in mind while viewing this extremely informative and important tutorial on how the Kremlin used misinformation is that they do not discriminate on basis of race, religion or political persuasion in finding recruits.

All that matters is that people will listen to them and establish a foothold of leverage that the Kremlin wishes to exploit.

Yuri himself says more than once that their preferred proxies were motivated by greed and personal gain because those people have the least interest in conflicting ideologies. The KGB had no problem using any pre-existing bias or fanatical belief as leverage but they preferred greed and ambition because it’s easier.

They never went to another country to help communists or spread communism without also intending to use that as a delivery vehicle for ultimately establishing a puppet government usually through violent revolution. Well known examples of states that fell into revolution due to Kremlin Active measures that collectively cost the lives of many thousand American military men (including my uncle, my mom’s first husband, and undoubtedly many family members of people on this board right now) and millions of lives collectively in their victim nations:

These are the ones that most people can easily name:
Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea*, China, Cuba, Afghanistan.

Countries where lesser known Kremlin successful and unsuccessful coup attempts were made to create Russian puppet states that most people forgot about, can’t name or never even heard of:

Myanmar*, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Romania, Columbia, Nicaragua*, Somalia*, Nepal, Laos, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, Republic of Congo*, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Iran, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Slovak Republic, Ireland, India, Bulgaria, Patagonia, South Africa, Belgium

I probably forgot some but if that list looks longer than you thought it was, you’re not alone. Many Americans think act like we caused all the fighting by ourselves. For the last 103 years the Kremlin hunger for power has been global. Everything is a zero sum game to them and their closest allies. If you think things are different now, you need to take a better look at Vladimir Putin.

They are weak militarily compared to their glory days but the military has never been their largest strength. Their most practiced skill was in overthrowing a country by means of corrupting their politicians and weakening their government until they could launch a coup at the last possible moment to set up a proxy state beholden to the Kremlin.

Failing that, the aim is to make the disaster so bad that it almost impossible to repair with the hopes that the entire region descends into chaos. At bare minimum they count that a win even if it fails as long as they managed to force the US and NATO to expend too many resources and American lives to contain the problem to the smallest area possible.

They then use those losses to criticize whichever government leaders had the good judgement to fight them with the hopes of opportunistic useful idiots seizing on an unpopular war and be more likely to let Moscow build the next proxy state.

If you think I’m paranoid, you really need to learn about what the Russians were doing in this countries and what they are presently doing in the nations that share borders with them.

They start wars in other countries and when NATO countries show up to stop the madness, they blame the war on the NATO countries and they’ve been doing it a hundred years with a few short breaks in between to deal with domestic the incompetence inherent of a corrupt executive leadership.

Before we even show up they bombard the local populace with anti-American and anti-CIA misinformation the entire time as loudly as they and in every way that they can so that by the end of the war, everyone blames the US for putting out the fire that the KGB started.

People still do their legwork today by blaming the US for Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Bin Laden and Afghanistan when it was the Kremlin that aimed them at the rest of the world. Bin Laden was deeply influenced by nonstop Kremlin Anti-American propaganda pushed through the Middle East but especially in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia to the point he began working with the Taliban solely to fight American and NATO influence while establishing his terrorist caliphate that was buying all of their weapons from Soviet backed sources.

Russia didn’t know that it would yield an event like 9/11 but, god damn it, they knew it would yield anti-American violence and create problems for the United States. The nature of these agitprop misinformation campaigns is that they are incredibly effective at slowly influencing opinions in ways that even hyper patriotic America loving people come to believe so that their beliefs undermine the nation and government that they profess to love. It is so easy to sow a few seeds of misinformation and yield a bright fresh crop of self loathing Americans (or any other nationality for that matter).

These activities are something they and other hostile regimes love to accuse the United States and NATO of doing because they see any attempt to aid other nations as disadvantageous to their secondary overall strategy of global destabilization.

Please enjoy this highly informative lecture on Kremlin strategy and their well studied tactics of manipulation.


How many of you have ever heard of the so-called “School of the Americas”?

If you believe it it, it’s a story about a shadowy training program run by the CIA and the Pentagon to train South and Central American anti-Communist and anti-socialist forces in the use of torture, rape, mass murder, genocide and death squads to overthrow otherwise peaceful regimes and replace them with American puppet states.

You may have even seen the supposed secret documents that claim to have been distributed by Americans in the 1970s and 1980s to destroy certain nations for greed and lust for power.

Even I got momentarily bamboozled by that one in the early 90s. Since then I’ve seen it referenced all over the internet. It’s a very popular Cold War scripture of American Evil.

It’s also a total fake.

Well, the School of the Americas was real but the documents that purport to instruct students on rape, murder, assassination and various other war crimes is 100% Soviet agitprop.

It was produced and distributed by the KGB and aimed at sowing hatred, distrust and violence against the United States.

No such document or instruction exists or existed.

I try my best not to hold existing or pick up new biases without good cause. To do this requires a constant self audit of my motivation for my beliefs and the standard of proof I use to form new beliefs.

Biases are not inherently wrong. People are naturally biased against all kind of horrible shit. I’m biased against snakes, puffer fish, house flies, mosquitos, crying, self pity, Apple products, wet feet, head lice, STDs, MOPAR price tags, head injuries, sugar in coffee, poorly brewed coffee, overcooked vegetables, foot fetish people, puppy mills, Andy Warhol (thieving hack), boy bands except the Jackson 5 before Michael got ruined, all of the Kardashians including their late dad, reality TV, Ancient Alien bullshit, faith healers, public school teachers that hate children, thieves (we should emulate countries that chop hands off. When you’re right, you’re right), slut shaming (seriously, shut the fuck up and stop ruining it for the rest of us you incel shitbags), prudes, any nutless wonders that refers to themselves as incels, anyone who uses the phrases ‘beta cuck’ or ‘soyboy’ but otherwise do not exercise, plastic exterior panels on cars, planned obsolescence, the lack of brass and chrome on cars, pastel paint, Alex Jones fans, vinyl tops on cars, Honda Civics with goddamn trumpets attached to their mufflers, cults, willful dupes and the god damned KGB.

Here’s a handy guidebook to a professionally curated history of the strategies and tactics used by the Kremlin to sow their war of misinformation against democracy, NATO and especially the United States of America


I recommend “Trinity and Beyond.” Not just because Captain Kirk is the narrator.

Falcon and Snowman is good stuff.

Don’t you dare look to Ethel Rosenberg, though.

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I’m not exactly a big fan of the Rosenbergs.

Great content Dung. Russia’s nihilist psychology seeps into everything it does so it’s cloak and dagger stuff at the political level is legendary.


Thanks, man.

It used to be that Americans didn’t have to be reminded of what they were dealing with but after the fall of the USSR, the Kremlin seemed like such a distant worry that people went to sleep. They thought it was all over. It almost was.

I believe and it was a matter of no small speculation in 2000 and 2001 that Putin orchestrated those apartment bombings that put him into office. If I’m not mistaken it was pretty big news when out of the blue sky the 9/11 attacks happened.

I never had reason to believe that Russia directed or facilitated it but those attacks pushed all the discussion of Putin’s potential for involvement and evidence linking former KGB who were in turn linked to the freshly minted GRU, which was under Putin’s influence at the time, to the bombings with claims that some of them were caught by local police setting up a bomb in an apartment.

All those discussions disappeared in America under the shadow of the World Trade Center. Again, I’m not saying Putin had anything directly to do with that but years of misinformation pumped into the Jihadi controlled areas by Russia and other more direct state sponsors of terror had done a really good job of convincing the Taliban and a great big cut of the Wahabis that the US was more to blame for all the problems of Afghanistan than any other nation.

A lot of people quote the worst kind of misinformation back at me when I bring these things up. They say shit like “we trained Bin Laden”. Not at all fucking true. Bin Laden hated the US during the Afghanistan conflict. He demanded that nobody work with us on any level. We didn’t train or give arms to god damned Bin Laden. We gave arms to the Taliban to fight against the Soviet Union after the Soviets staged a coup with corrupt dupes to destabilize their, and might I add, rather noble apsirations of a fledgling moderate secular Democracy.

The whole reason the Soviets went into Afghanistan was to crush that democracy before it could properly take root because a functional democracy in the Middle East that close to Russia had to be fucking stopped in the minds of the USSR. They didn’t want another Turkey on their hands, so they destroyed it before it could happen. The US was too slow to move. They had been setting it up for decades and the US was war weary fighting communist threats in Southeast Asia.

They also wanted Afghanistan for it’s strategic value and mineral resources but that was always secondary. I intend to expand on this point later but one of the reasons the Soviet Union could field such a huge foreign occupation apparatus globally is because they were robbing every proxy state they had of every sliver of natural resources that they could. (to be continued, I gotta see a man about some horsepower)


Protactinium, thorium, radium, radon, and lead byproducts produced from the natural decay of uranium aren’t dangerous?

Not to mention, uranium is still considered IDHL at levels of just 10mg per cubic meter.

I love that book, but I really truly love watching Sean Penn getting the shit kicked out of him in the movie.


The Daoud Republic was autocratic in nature, even if it had some progressive elements that replaced the former monarchical rule. Not quite what I’d call a “fledgling democracy”; one-party rule from start of the Republic to the Saur Revolution and Daoud’s assassination, with little advancement whatsoever in terms of real democratic reforms.

The later Soviet-backed People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan were democracy in name only, just as with the DPRK.

The Soviet-Afghan war was really a Muslim vs. Communist affair, so I really don’t see any “fledgling democracy” in Afghanistan in its entire history, especially the part of about secularism, and especially considering what occurred in-country between the Soviet evacuation and 9/11.

Russian Simpsons. I found this captivating. You can almost feel the misery and despair. The girl on the wall is young and beautiful in Homer’s office. At home, the same girl has become a bitter and mean spirited babushka.

Note: Lisa didn’t come home. She’s not seen at the traditional family gathering. Every other character is present.

Communist Simpsons explained. Lot’s of good information that gives real context to communist bloc governance and manipulation.

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How the Vietnam War happened. The worst mistake we made was ceding predominant influence to Mao and Stalin. Truman made this mistake repeatedly and was an absolute fool on so many levels.