Calling BS on the music industry


Exhibit A

36 seconds into the song, the singer claims to have had, and I quote;

“… a million, million nights just like this…”

A claim that is repeated several times throughout the song

That would make the singer at least 2740 years old

I call bullshit!


Lying bastard. We all know you can’t count to 36.

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First, he doesn’t say “I’ve had”, he says “we’ve had”, implying it’s the royal “we”, so a million nights at scale.

Second, there’s no reason to square 10^6 without more information we can conclude the repetition is purely for lyrical effect.

Like in this song where Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige sing this, they’re asking for 1 more chance, not 4.

One more chance
Biggie give me one more chance
One more chance
Biggie give me one more chance

Can you prove the singer is a lizard person?

Of course not. You think I want a Jewish weather satellite to shoot me with some kind of Earthquake ray? I own bayside property. You know what a tsunami could do to property values? The whiners in the neighborhood association would go ballistic.

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I like the lyrics

What’s the tune like?

I was there in the beginning.

Exhibit B

Claims of levitation are, as yet, to be verified

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Exhibit C

At 1.01 the singer claims to be travelling at the speed of light

This is clearly BS as travelling at light speed is not possible

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It’s why they call me Mr. Farenheit? Stupid metric system even fucking up good songs.

That’s going to happen.

It’s possible if you are a photon. So if a photon can go that fast, maybe…

If his name was Freddie Photon perhaps I would give him the benefit of the doubt

Exhibit D

1.09 “…put a smiles on your mouth…”

One smiles with one’s mouth

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Smiles are contagious, though.

Therefore, one can put a smile on another person’s mouth without difficulty, as long as the other person isn’t being a whiny ass ho.

Your knowledge of anatomy is only matched by your knowledge of Tibetan Throat singing

Double negative at 1.05