Bully Nonsense Pushing Trans BS

No. It’s sex affirming. Still lame BTW, but sex affirming. And no, I don’t take test. What sorta cheater does?

What’s the difference between gender and sex in this context?

Gender affirming surgery would be cutting off your dick whereas sex enhancing surgery would be a bigger dick.

I think you are allowing your prejudice to affect your command of grammar

Explain yourself.

Personally, I think the trans movement is ridiculous. At my job they have this crew I call “The plastic boys.” It’s a crew of ludicrously done up men trying to be hot. Every single night they show I get two men at the least asking one question. “Are those men?” Every single night. Cause there is no such thing as changing sex. Some people are fooled and then take a closer look, others are just curious, but they can all tell.

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Sex can mean gender or the physical act of intercourse

You seem to be mixing and matching because you don’t find ladies with Adam’s Apples attractive

Personally I believe it’s best to let folk get on with their chosen lifestyle

Trans is no less ridiculous than religion IMO

No, sex is your biological sex in this context. When a woman gets a boob job, she’s accentuating her sex, which is also her gender. When she gets a dick put on, she may be doing gender affirming surgery, but what cis people are doing is sex and gender affirming.

That’s one crazy word salad

So is sex and gender the same thing in this context and if not define the difference?

Gender is how you express yourself, sex is what you biologically are. They can match, or not. So cis people adding onto their actual sex attributes is different from attempting to change sex.

Right, well put. You can’t change your biological sex. Not yet anyway.

How can a document such as a birth certificate, listing male or female at time of birth, be changed to reflect something other than at time of birth?


It’s all about identity. A base truth like which biological sex one is born as (and yes, some medical conditions cause problems with that, but that’s not the topic under discussion) really doesn’t matter in the post modernist view of things.

What is the determining factor. And why.

I mean I know we could test for it genetically. But what purpose does that distinction make?

How often would the distinction really matter?

Or it isn’t.

Depends on your self image I guess.
There is so many blurred lines between your sexual identity and your gender it would be hard to pick.

A lesbian who dresses mannish to atract women. Is being less of a female because?

I need people’s gender to be unambiguous so I know who to speak to when I need a sammich.

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That’s a fairly fringe differentiation of the terms, but a handy tool to discuss a complex issue

The difference between the two only becomes important when there is something at stake

Most folk can go about their daily lives believing what they like as long as others are not negatively affected IMO

How is that a fringe differentiation? Kinda standard issue in such discussions.

I’ve never heard the two words used in that way

But I live a sheltered life