Bullshido Continues to be a Disgrace


Good job on being so staggeringly abusive as to help rob AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY. I told you I was telling the truth. This is all just standard white collar shit and you were too dumb to see it then and too committed to your bullshit to admit it now. I actually love that deep down you know you’re some of the worst people in the world OR the dumbest. If you supported this shit, you can’t be both smart and good. You either knew you were doing something evil, OR, you didn’t know it was evil despite a pile of evidence showing you exactly that. Which makes you retarded.

Once he boots them from Barra, he’s gonna put pressure on others not to promote them and/or sell them affiliations, artificially stalling their career advancement, then use his position as head of the IBJJF to remove them for not being properly affiliated. He can also remove entire teams, like he did the globetrotters for… signing off on affiliates they don’t know. And he knows these Barra guys arebt actually with the other affiliates because they were Barra in the first place. Fucking lol. Its a scammer. That simple.

Wait, he comes for more money after coercing you into signing? Obviously schizophrenia is the only reason someone would not sign with a blatant scammer under duress. It has nothing to do with him blatantly strong arming increasing payments out of everybody. Nothing.

Meanwhile, in the United States:

Have you ever considered most people can’t afford a guy playing games with their money and their business like this? Dude needs to live a few years in a cage for fraud.

“HOPEFULLY PEOPLE ARE SMART ENOUGH TO JUST SAY NO.” Yet here people are calling me retarded for being the first person to tell this man “no” at the start of his decade long racketeering spree

My nigga on one. Hell yeah, rob these jius. Ima deal with him after he fucking murks everyone else. Fuck yeah.