Boxing shoulder charge

Just though this was cool, haven’t seen it before, like boxing meets baji

I do that one a bit.

I need to wear my glasses more often. I thought this thread was named boxing should change.


Totally illegal in actual boxing.

You will be warned and lose points.

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Of course you’ve seen it. It’s Tackle 101.

haha, of course I’ve seen a shoulder charge, never seen boxers drill one. Just though it looked clean.

You can’t strike with your shoulder in unified rules boxing.

You can only push to create space.

There is a subtle difference but if you try this in an actual boxing match you’re going to get a foul.

Boxing you can only hit with the front of the fist and in front of a line that runs down the side of the body, i get it, and all usual disclaimers apply…

It’s drill so they are in a routine, he’s closer than he would usually be for a jab like that. Doing repetitive motions like that comes with it’s own set of disclaimers. That’s basically an inside slip and with his head and hand down like that on the way he is taking a gamble, the more often he does it the larger the gamble. Not sure why he isn’t keeping his hand glued to the head, especially after a tap/parry, his hand is still going to be right there it seems dangerous to drill it that way for a boxer.

That aside, I though the drill was interesting, and it was strange to see two boxers doing it. I mean it could translate to just slipping in our out, i don’t completely understand why they are doing it, but i can see a broad application for what they are doing.

It’s kosher in just about every full contact combat sport other than boxing.

It’s very common in MMA, Muay Thai, San Shou and Lethwei where almost any part of the body is a valid striking surface.

I have hit people with this running full ramming speed (as a DT) so I know it works. Well. And you might take a while to get up, no matter your level of martial arts training. But still, as a pure boxing drill per the videos title, it sucks. The comment section is pretty agreed on this for once.

Like all boxing fouls if it happens once or twice it won’t be a big deal. In a pro fight a ref should warn and then infract. In ammy boxing, no way.

Queensbury rules consider this sort of thing ungentlemanly. Which is why it’s perfect for American Football. We don’t give a fuck…