BJJ Researcher Documents Ritual Abuse

He basically finds that thats how they behave when they don’t get their way. Told you I wasnt making it up. It is in fact deliberately abnormal behavior from a large group of people. Its not something Im doing. Its something theyre doing because affiliation is their retirement plan.

How’d that slip by our talented investigators? Oh yeah, y’all were busy entertaining some ludicrous conspiracy about me being an entirely fake person. Top notch work here guys.

I like how everyone was happy to claim I was making shit up and that I was insane for documenting this behavior, but no one has shit to say when the reaearch comes out.


“Hey, is this real?” Should be asked and answered well before you wanna chop grandmas.

It should also be asked why this powerful martial art is backed by an abuse cult as opposed to just their arts. What an odd thing to have laying about.

I tried the legal system for the last time today. Got rejected again for legal help. Consider the community absolutely fucked. Cause the fact that this is an ongoing situation is gonna bite them in the ass proportionally to the amount of damage done and being done. And thats A LOT.

Also, apparently unless you try to kill yourself, lawsuits are kinda difficult for that type of harassment. I wonder why they think I’d have tried to do that. Surely that couldnt be an expected outcome. Y’all didnt try to kill me, did you?

Kinda odd, since after the bullshit started my fiancee tried to kill herself like half a dozen times. Interesting coincidence. Very strange for a lawyer to just ask about that, like its something predictable or common. Its almost like the outcome of this sorta incident is often worse and this is well known.

This is probably the last thing I have to say about this matter at all. I think I can win, given that thats whats necessary now. I was hoping that someone with less involvement could make an impact, but Ill make my own.


North American Grappling Association - Wikipedia.

NAGA is legit. Winning my region against those odds was always legit. Of a pool of that many grapplers, over 700k, I can take the region at black and expert whereever I make my home. That’s not a conspiracy. Its just my actual performance per NAGA. IBJJF isnt better. They just kick people out as they reach black to provide that illusion.