Banworthy BS - a TOS clarification for 2021

OK, look, dinguses. Some of y’all have found the flag button, and while it may seem fun, it’s there for a reason - and that’s not to silence your fellow Bullies.

Frequent or persistent usage of the flag button may earn you a ban, particularly if it is found by staff to be abusive behavior. Bash on each other all you want in Sociocide, Shidoposting, or Contributor’s Lounge. If I keep seeing flags from those areas, we’ll see some bans coming in, pretty quick.

MMA and General BS, we’ll start with a low-tolerance policy, in which posts will be trollshido’d, and escalate as necessary to the banhammer.

Unwanted exposure of PII (doxxing) of another member will get you a banhammer. Some people enjoy their online anonymity, and we respect that. Any member in good standing has the right at any time to request a redaction of their PII, regardless of who posted it.

Pornography is not tolerated. Keep things R-Rated or better, in all areas.

As always, this is not an exhaustive list of offenses. We reserve the right to moderate or remove a poster for any reason. We reserve the right to challenge, ignore, or overrule any flag.


Ban them all!

Let god sort them out!

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This one is for you, Joe.

No more shemale porn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if I want to see chick dicks, I’d go to straight porn sites and roll the dice.

What if I label a link “Free Porn” but it’s actually a link to the LDS Web site?


Sauron has returned?

Holy shit there’s a flag button right next to reply.

I never even noticed it.

Wait till you mofos post something i disagree with now!

Anyone that flags this post is admitting that they love Hilary Clinton and wants Obama as a son in law .

Flagged as inappropriate.

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And I had to go dismiss the flag.


I owe you a beer for your effort.

I didnt realise you felt that way about Hills