August 30th I'm running a charity judo event

So, my club is allowing me to host a charity event in the UK to raise money for cancer research in honour of my mother’s passing. Modelled on the 100 man kumite of kyokushin, I’ll be fighting continuous randori for 100 rounds of 1 minute 15 seconds (approx 2 hours) on the night.

The date is set and promotional material, donation links etc will be going out in the next few days/weeks, so if anyone is interested or willing to donate, I can drop a link here if it is allowed by mods

Edit: So you bullies get to see my face for the first time…


2 hours nonstop? Wow.

cardio is going to be fucking horrendous

I was not joking when I said the cardio was going to be rough. I outlasted the event’s time but my quads were shot for the last mile. At least I can gauge the engine.

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Sounds awesome and I will certainly donate when the link is up,

where is it going to be I might come along?

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blackpool (I know, lock your windows XD)

link is up now :slight_smile:

Holy shit its not even been two full days and theres already £275 gone in

You had me at “100 opponents”.

How’d you get so many people to sign up?

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Our club is one of the oldest in britain and is responsible for a wide amount of local and region satellite clubs. Some may have to Round Robin if we don’t make it up fully but I’m open to any judo club sending anyone if they want.

Also I don’t know who it was but someone dropped $500 dollars in the last few hours and I nearly cried

I am going to make an effort to come I have some crap in Liverpool to do so will try and kick the can down the road sufficiently to do both in the name of business.

In the meantime ill help you get over your target.

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It’s pretty wild to me to see this posted on the British Judo webpage, not gonna lie