Argentuban Intro

Names George. I’m not much of a martial artist, especially after breaking my ankle skydiving, but I enjoy it when I can.

I’m most interested in calling bs on anti science posts more than anything, but it seems that goes hand in hand with politics nowadays.

I was born in Argentina, and have lived in the Middle East, South America, the Caribbean, and North America. I’m frankly flabbergasted and troubled by how stupid the United States has become… or perhaps merely revealed itself to be. And that’s why I’m most interested in the group. I’m not a master of argumentation, and want to have good arguments against people who are peddling bullshit.



Argentina, bastion of economic freedom and political freedom in the world.


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I’m a US citizen since birth, and given how high the USA holds itself relative to the rest of the world, it should be grounded in reality…and it isn’t.

Argentina is a cesspool politically. There is also a sizable anti mask and anti vaccine movement there. They don’t have the educational resources the US does, so what’s the excuse here? And just because I was born there doesn’t somehow mean I can’t criticize a country that claims to be the bastion of all things good in the world, especially when that country is where I have been a citizen since birth.

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Yeah, funny thing about that is how much access people have to education but chose not to indulge. See Alabama and Mississippi. Seriously. I’ve got family in Alabama. I was born there. Some of my family have doctorates. Actually quite a few. But a bunch of them barely made it through Highschool just because a general lack of interest and move focused on fishing and beer.

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Yeah, that’s an issue. A lot of folks just do not GAF about education, or anything even vaguely academic. They can read and write and 'rithmatic sufficiently well to get by.

@diesel_tke I just don’t think that people who do not necessarily live rural, in blue collar/labor work areas realize that.

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Sky diving LOL

I once broke every bone in my body Ultimate Wrasslin