An Open Apology

Never mind. If you read it you read it.


There will be nothing left in quickville or whatever. NOTHING. Everyone I can identify is fucked. Every transphobe, pedophile, nazi, mass shooter, mass shooter inspiration, suicide troll and parasite that that they can field will be destroyed. Restrictions on cyberweapons have been lifted and they’ll be met with an AI powered holocaust on a grand scale. Its gonna look like the fucking olympics gymnastics team came through. Imagine thinking that you can use the internet to kill people and no one will respond.

My brothers and I did not fight and die in the pandemic so these people CAN HUNT TRANS CHILDREN FOR SPORT!

I am so fucking sorry. I didn’t know.

Might be better posting the apology on Reddit as only about 5 people will see it here and we only have 1 active trans poster on this site.

I’m not even aware of any of this, I’m going to have to do some reading before I feel I can have anything to say.

Phrost once memorialized this in the TOS, but that’s lost to time.

Something about he would rather have a hundred than a billion.

As someone who helps protect billions, I can relate.