46 Disinformation, Soldiers vs. Cops vs. Acorns

Originally published at: 46 Disinformation, Soldiers vs. Cops vs. Acorns | Bullshido

On this episode of The Art of Fighting BS Podcast, Steve Mix and Phrost discuss an overview of how disinformation works and how to counter it, then the discussion goes completely off the rails and ends up about the origins of the “warrior cop” mentality and how much law enforcement sucks as a career. Also, violent terrorist acorns. Listen here, or anywhere you get your podcast episodes, via iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, actual clouds, or the 5g reception from your latest Covid booster shot. And subscribe to our Patreon here to get the raw episodes on the same night they’re recorded! Bullshido · 46 – Disinformation, Soldiers vs. Cops. vs. Acorns And here’s the video referenced in the podcast:

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Here’s the video of the cops shooting at their own car, with a suspect inside, because an acorn fell on its roof:

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True story: the detective who fingerprinted me for my PI license blew his brains out soon after.

This was 20+ years ago but I still remember his face.

He was afraid.

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