42 Matt Thornton on the Nature and Reality of Violence

Originally published at: https://www.bullshido.net/42-matt-thornton-on-the-nature-and-reality-of-violence/

Matt Thornton of the Straight Blast Gym is an icon in the martial arts world, and in particular, has been beating the drum about functional training even longer than we have. In this conversation we discuss violence, how it is an unavoidable part of the human experience, and how to ensure good men are better at it than bad.

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Matt Thornton is like the Obi Wan Kenobi of effective martial arts. He used to look like a hippy, now he looks like he just walked the desert for a decade.

One of the very few maists on this planet I can stand listening to for more than 5 minutes. He can sum it all up in three words. Black belt motherfuckeds can’t stop running their mouths.

Word is bond.

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“violence is out of control”.

Matt Thornton, 2023.

How’s that for a straight blast.

I’m more of a chain sword guy myself, so I can appreciate his softer nature.