37 The Problem of Sexual Predators in the Martial Arts

Originally published at: 37 The Problem of Sexual Predators in the Martial Arts - Bullshido

The world of martial arts has a persistent, significant problem with sexual predators, particularly those who work their way into positions of authority as instructors and coaches. William Murphy, PhD, a third-degree Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and instructor, comes on the show to discuss how this problem can be addressed, and the professional ethics involved in being an instructor.

Blue card? …

Any one who wants to work with kids, or other vulnerable groups, needs to be cleared by the Garda here in Ireland


Is sexual predation worse in martial arts than other sectors?

Sexual abuse by sports coaches, is right up there with sexual abuse by religious leaders, and by male and female school teachers.

So a black belt, who is also a teacher and a doctor is highly likely to be a sexual predator?

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In Australia, if you work with under 18’s, you need a Federal Working with Children, check. I was surprised when I heard that sexual predators are such an issue in martial arts. Frauds, con artists, Bull Shidoists, for sure, but that was a surprise for me. It is sad.