36 - DMT and Psychedelics Without the BS

Originally published at: https://www.bullshido.net/36-dmt-and-psychedelics-without-the-bs/

The podcast world (especially the bro-sphere) is overrun with ridiculous misinformation and BS about DMT and psychedelics in particular. We bring on an expert in the industry to discuss what is really going on, and why no, you’re not seeing interdimensional space elves you dork.

I was really looking forward to this and only recently got the chance to listen.

The first half was hard work as it was the “we think Joe Rogan is an knucklehead” club and filled more with discussing how stupid people are to believe stupid things rather than explanations.

It took a couple of restarts to get to the meat and potatoes which when it came was enjoyable and good content.

One does wish the general style of the articles here, was more “just the facts”.
And less op ed.

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They used to be more fact led , egos have become a little more prevalent but that seams to be the way most things are these days.

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