2024... Who's your Daddy?

I call Ivanka, Gaetz vs Harris, Mayor Pete

Mattis to conduct an actual coup and sort this shit out.


Thinking outside the box

I like it!

With all these COVID variants I’m expecting Nurgle to come out of nowhere holding a steel chair.

Just have a civil war - you know you want it.

Anybody seen Lily?

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Tell the truth: have you read his book?

Lilies can’t grow in this kind of big chill, Joe.

Fear not, Spring never fails.

No, I’m just joking.


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It’s hilarious because I read Call Sign: CHAOS in 2019 on my flight to search for treasure in Montana, and it was the most hilariously disguised critique of Donald Trump I’ve seen yet.

It changed my whole POV. Especially during that long layover in Denver. OH man, thank god I visited the book store in Newark first…

The kind of wisdom that can only come from a beloved 4-star Marine Corps general, imho, or as Donald Trump said, “the world’s most overrated general”.

Do you know what CHAOS stands for?

I do yes, I know the book’s about leadership strategies but I didn’t know it was also a critique of Trump. I’m hardly surprised.

Mattis is such a funny guy, my kind of funny that few others get.

He was all like “I won’t talk bad about a sitting President” in his published-in-2019 book, then the so-called President shit on him and since then he’s been fangs out against the same fomer President. Mattis warned us all about Russia and China but Donald wanted to catch Putin’s football, remember that?

Mattis is the only Republican I’ll ever vote for again. I hope he runs. At 70, he’d officially NOT be the oldest President, not to mention the military actually supports him, unlike Donald Trump.

I was joking about him earlier but actually he would be a good candidate. I really think he’d bring some much needed stability.

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Great nickname

Do you know if Mad Dog is ironic or was he a bad ass?

Shut yer whore mouth.

Chesty would approve.

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I haven’t heard him talk enough about the issues but his military experience and his integrity, the thing that made him unpopular with Trump, speaks volumes about his good character.

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Yes. _______

Always remember …if an officer forces you to salute him 100,000 times, he’s required to return it at least 100,000 times.

If he forgets, make him remember it.

He’s well known for calling bullshit on superior officers who make bad decisions or who behave with poor conduct. The important thing is that he does it with tact and his alternate solutions to problems are sound, so he’s not just bitching for the sake of it.

Obviously not the type of man that Trump wants about.

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An honest man with a backbone. Maybe even a guy that could finally erode some of this entrenched partisanship.

That would be a pretty good day.