Why the Martial Arts are a Haven For Sexual Predators

And which organizations he is allowed to compete in and/or remain a member of? And do those orgs perhaps harbor other sex offenders? Hmm…

You mean the IBJJF. Sure. Carlos Jr. doesn’t care as long as he is getting paid. As I’ve argued since I was a White Belt, the IBJJF isn’t BJJ. Rickson as well as Renner and Ryron have each started their own federations for the simple reason of offering a Gracie alternative to the IBJJF.

It’s time to start putting pressure on the IBJJF. Their special recognition of known predators gives them access to women and children. Now, there are affiliations like Reylson Gracie and such that also allow pedophilia, and we should target those as well.

Assuming my computer doesn’t catch on fire, these pedo networks should be revealed (in part) “soon”.

How does the IBJJF contribute to women and children being victimized? Honestly most people walking into a BJJ club for the first time don’t even know what the IBJJF is. They may have heard of UFC, and if they have Fightpass EBI, Polaris, ADCC, SUG… IBJJF not so much.

As far as Reylson, is he actively harboring pedophiles or did he just fail to do a background check? I went around with Bill on this one regarding Rickson and the Leverage Jiu Jitsu guy in MD.

Also in that regard can you even legally run a background check in Spain or act upon it. You can’t in all countries.

Let’s say I have a solid school, but no IBJJF ranking. After a few years, a lot of the people with world champion aspirations and such will leave and go somewhere else. Then the big trophies and mag articles and hype go over there as well. Take a look at Cyborg for instance. Because of IBJJF affiliation, women were banned from the teams they were on and basically sent to Cyborg because he could sign off. Had he not been sanctioned he would never have gained that student.

This is all stuff they got caught doing red handed.

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Well at least you’re not a Catholic

You aren’t a Catholic are you?

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RIGHT??? That must’ve been a nightmare.

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Or they compete in JJIF, or UWW, or ADCC…

IBJJF is only really a big thing in the US. In most of Europe, where nations actually pay their representative athletes stipends, being an IBJJF world champion doesn’t get you spit. Being a European UWW or JJIF medalist will get you a stipend you can live off of. So maybe the US needs to join the rest of the world and simply look elsewhere.

A solution could be more female coaches

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Oh, we know all about what they did in Europe.

Nah. Its BJJ. It’s gonna be AWKWARD when the coach is getting their ass handed to them.

Females sexual predators occur with roughly the same frequency as male sexual predators. They simply don’t get reported as often so they are likely to have far more victims before they are caught.

There are few other sports where the coach has to be the best player in the room

Perhaps that is a weakness

From my own experience, I am an indifferent boxer, but I can still transfer skill to students

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Are female sex predators drawn to MAs in the same manner as men?

I was teaching Brown Belts BJJ as a blue belt. Understanding mechanics and technique and having speed and timing are two different things.

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What has to happen is simple and ugly. You have to run ruthlessly through the targets orbit, searching for weak nodes. You then torment the nodes until they want nothing to do the target.

There are no hard statistics on that. However, I can give a circumstially substantiated yes.

Predators are predators, they go where there is prey in order to predate.

Female sexual offenders also fill other professions proportionately. So yes in all probability. It would be more noteworthy if they don’t.

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Newsflash. It’s the IBJJF. If being a part of that is important to you or your school, then follow their rules as far as registering as a Black Belt. If it isn’t, then don’t.

Dave Kama didn’t register with the IBJJF until 2018(despite being a Black Belt under Rickson since 1995 and one of the famed dirty dozen). He won’t be eligible to register Black Belts to compete until 2024. He isn’t complaining about it. The IBJJF is a for profit, private organization, much like a country club. It isn’t necessary to be a part of it at all.

It could go down in flames tomorrow and BJJ wouldn’t skip a beat. The other major promotions NAGA, JJIF, UWW may even finally start getting the press they deserve.


You need to think it through a bit, regarding the elevator.
It’s not just about false accusations, although those certainly happen all the time, and all you need is to be alone with someone in an elevator, or any non-public place, for a false accusation to be enough to cause most people to assume that the accused is guilty, if the accused is male, and the accuser is female.
The other side of the coin, the one I was suggesting you think through:
An elevator is an area that allows an attacker to block the exit, confine the target, they can hit the “stop” button, etc…
That elevator example, from the context of both a potential target for assault, whether simply violent or sexual, and the potential target of a false accusation, is not that ridiculous.
If you don’t feel comfortable with the person in the elevator, or getting on the elevator, particularly if there is no one else on the elevator, get out of the elevator, or don’t get on that elevator, and take the next one.

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