Why Cops Need to Train Better - Physical Management Techniques and Law Enforcement

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Regardless of whether or not you think “All Cops Are Bastards”, most cops are Bad at Grappling.

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Yeah. Fuck you PPCT.

Oh dear…
(12 is the loneliest number…)

Ok. On that side subject A person can crunch their elbows in and gable grip. And can pretty much support their own body weight.

It is a very strong position mechanically.

So getting a person from that position to arms behind back and in cuffs is generally pretty hard.

I kind of have a trick to do it. But then i am a badass.

You fart on their head

Don’t you

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Yo… you are bugging. The shit you were doing is criminal.

Unsanitary, perhaps, but criminal?

Here is a good example. Good thing she wasn’t a one stripe white belt…

Feisty !

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Here, this one is better. She was putting up a pretty good fight.

Anybody want to do a breakdown ?

Ok. Fight breakdown.

Always use two people if you are going to manhandle a chick. Or it turns in to a shit show.

Otherwise your average industry trainer will argue to the death that his junk works by generally referring to expert advice.

The issue being that expert they are referring to is themselves. And of course it is in his best interests to agree with his own assessment.

And because of the very structured nature of these industries nobody can tell them to fuck off.

Which makes the adopt a cop so hilarious. Everyone who did this training basically knew it was junk and the trainers were garbage people.

But nobody could do anything about it because they were not the expert. Or civilians don’t understand what high speed operators really need to know.

Adopt a cop circumvented this because it mealy opend up another avenue for training. And of course now with enough people doing it. And being more successful with it. It basically is starting to shoot down these tired arguments.

YAH. Its 100% unconstitutional and illegal to invent a disease where you get to arrest people for no crimes.

I thought you were referring to Greg farting on people’s heads

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One of my favourite police takedowns

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The local cops were like “I ain’t getting involved”.

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Rugby for the win!

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