Which material to choose to build a non wooden dummy


do anyone have knowledge and or xp on wich material would be best to use to build a non wooden dummy in kind of a plastic tube?

abs? pvc? cpvc? other stuff i dont know.? fiberglass?

i would use wooden arm maybe so the ube should be solid and not crack when receiving puch and kicks to the arms or body

some material have thickness options like 40 pvc 80 pvc 120 pvc

tx for your suggestions

Why not wood?

It will be challenging to find a material with the combination of strength, flexibility, rigidity and durability that timber has

Are you taking expense into account? I would probably stick with wood. Otherwise, possibly fiberglass or UHMW. You want to get real pricey, phenolic rod.

Just stick with wood.

Alkathene pipe maybe

Though it would need frequent repair and replacement

Why not just use a heavy bag?

Don’t over do it, whatever you do. I used to use an old refrigerator door in the back of my first garage. Hands will toughen up quite a lot pretty fast but, lord have mercy, you can fuck your feet and legs the hell up kicking stuff without realizing it until the next day when you can’t get out of bed.

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tx for the answers, i wont comment the have sex since i don t understand it and it seems like a joke . So why not wood? cause i dont have all the equipment needed and it is a too long process. Also i want try someting different. I beleive i could be less expensive to without wood.

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