Where to Fight Weights and Gym Equipment During the Great Lockdown

We’re not out of this mess yet, and it looks like a new round of lockdowns is coming for everyone who doesn’t live in a state run by utter morons and crony denialists. As a consequence, it is still ridiculously difficult to find weights that aren’t priced at up to $4 a pound in some cases.

Anyway, if you find some good deals feel free to share them here. I started this thread because my wife found me some 40 lb kettlebells for around $50 each, on freaking Best Buy’s website of all places.


Without trying to sound too smug - I followed some of the scientists who reckoned back in the summer that winter 2020 was going to be shit so I bought them back in the summer when everyone in the UK was coming out of lockdown.

Seriously - what about sandbags? Even in lockdown I did see there were quite a few of empty bags you fill yourself floating around. Or - suspension trainers or just good old body weight…

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You can actually buy commercial ones made out of canvas with handles and such now.

I can’t say I got a good deal but I have a bunch of good stuff on the way. Just all on backorder and charged credit. Went on some Rogue mailing lists and filled up carts what what I wanted as it became available. Long wait, though. Also got a lat Pulldown and low row machine from Texas Strength Systems. They make the Starting Strength racks as well as a bunch of other stuff all produced in house in TX. Orders take time but if you want USA made high quality gear they’re a good option if you’re willing to wait.

Hardest stuff to find is plates but “The Strength Co.” is a good source to get iron plates at a decent price.