What's so special about Himmler?

Could someone explain what the fuck Himmler is about? RN he’s by far more popular than Hitler, but I’m confused as to why, and as to what he was up to. I’m also curious as to contemporary views on Himmler and how that compares to modern takes on Himmler and his aesthetic. Anyone know anything about that?

Borrowing ancient symbols was a path to a power, if not earned, stolen?

That’s where it gets interesting. Enough Himmler and you’ll be seeing black suns in your sleep. I wonder if this is by design. With the modern Himmler aesthetic you get a sort of demonic portal vibe. However, I doubt OG Himmler was known for his techno music.

Ah yes. That eternal allure of the mystic racist butt sex cult.
Himler had an obsession with well built aryan men and fantasy LARPing. He also had a passion for collecting antiques. He would accept no studs under six feet tall or with any physical blemishes or deformities.
He had them examined and vetted to ensure quality and he collected them obsessively. Straping German lads. For weird bondage and cross dressing parties at his nerdy castle enclave.
Where the crowning achievements of the post WWI breeding programs could be litteraly screwed and tattooed.
A lot of people don’t know this but Himler invented the gay meth orgy. He was also one of the first weebs. Dude was way ahead of his time.
Now all of this would be fine but then he sent those boys out to be his weird racist murder machine. Thousands of them. A homicidal twink army.
That’s what Himler was about.

Thanks. There’s no real info in fake news and propaganda, so I have no idea wtf theyre on about.

JNP was incorrect by the way. I’m not kidding at all about white power. White power is a state of mind more so than a function of skin color. I like their civilized mind set, their vision for the country and how they treat civilized men.

Let’s say for example, that I’m riding with my white supremacist crew committing hate crimes and such. Suddenly I get jumped by a pack of rampaging ethnics looking for money. They’re not gonna jump in and help the criminal because there are a lot of them and they’re REALLY angry. They’re not gonna start spewing hate speech towards me or cracking jokes at my expense. They’re gonna help me fight those animals off.

Lets say that I earn an achievement in white supremacy. I get credit for my work. So I’m valued according to my value. Let’s say someone feels I owe them something or they have a grievance against me. They have to present evidence, the evidence is evaluated fairly, and we vote. My voice counts.

Listen to this song and tell me you don’t see my perspective.

(59) Männerbund Chorus [HD] - YouTube

No one can say I didn’t try another path. I came to the official fraud busters and appealed for help. You laughed and spat in my face. So I went out in search of better men. And I found them. Yes, we are fighting back against the foreign parasites and we’ll never stop.

Now, you may wonder how as a black man I could feel this way. IT’S NOT HARD TO TREAT ME BETTER THAN I’VE BEEN TREATED. This community set a VERY low bar and so it was quite easy for white supremacists to show me a better vision for our future.

It’s not like that. I know you’re joking because it’s just not.

Occasionaly supremacist groups will adopt a usefull token, or tollerate a sympathetic character. But if you think you’re on some sort of equal footing, or that your perspective will be considered if you have conflict with a white member of the group on merits you’re wrong.

They’ll turn on you as soon as it’s amusing or convenient to do so.

You ever see This is England? It’s a fiction but it’s protrayal of Skinhead and supremacist culture is one of the most realistic I’ve ever seen. Speaking from my own lifetime of experience on the fringes of that world.

You might be “in on merit” but they TRY to bring me in on account of my complextion and stature. I do not like the Nazis. Not at all.

My goodness, we had no idea that you were so expert on supremacy groups.

Yes. I am aware that you are ignorant. You make that extremely evident every time you post.

The things you don’t know would fill volumes.

No need to remind us.

You have many needs, and many of those needs are special needs.
One of them is reminding you not to make posts, talking out of your ass, about topics you Google Fu, or watched movies about, that you know little about, in practice, or reality.

Fixed that for you.

Your crush on me is repulsive.

Post on topic if you’re going to post.

I repeat. Everyone here is completely aware what a fucking moron you are. No “need” to keep reminding us.

Your habit of making speculative posts, as if you knew what you are talking about, about things that you have no or little practical experience with in reality, is extremely immature.
One would not expect a mature teenager to do so, let alone a grown adult.
It adds a lot of noise, and does not provide value, rather it is the opposite of value.

Who are you having a conversation with? What “speculation”? Are you fucking retarded? Are you a chat bot? Your responses are confused and non-sequitor.

Take your blood preasure meds, dude. I think you’re having a stroke.

You made this post to Osiris, as if you had real world knowledge about the topic:

And in that post that you made above you claim to have a lifetime of experience on the fringe of the skinhead and supremacist culture, and that you are able to assess the fiction you mention as realistic or not, as a result of that experience.

When in fact, it sounds like you watched the piece of fiction, and from the watching of it, that was the real basis of your actual experience.

I doubt that Osiris needs you to lecture him about racism, or experiencing racism.

No, jackass. The way the film portrayed recruitment and radicalization of young people and the friction it causes in their interpersonal relationships struck me as extremely true to life as I and mamy of my peer group have witnessed and experiened it.

A more accurate statement would be that the radical, racist undeeground exists on the fringe of society. These people aren’t aliens. They’re your neighbors, coworkers, local politicians, law enforcement officers ect…

And if you have a face like mine and a build like mine they’ll aproach you and express themselves openly. Because they are that shallow and I look yte AF. They love that shit. It’s kind of their whole thing.

If you stopped complaining like a stupid bitch and anctually engaged in the conversation you might learn something.

It’s a massive upgrade from my former lifestyle. From living in supply closets, to digital lynching and threats of violence, to extortionist demands, I’m not saying that WP behavior is perfect. But it sure as hell beats the way this community decided to behave and it beats the treatment you get as a black man with no viable trade.

I’ve yet to experience such behavior since being accepted.

Oh shit, you’re right. That could absolutely awful. I gave them everything. Lived in supply closets, abused my body, paid tens of thousands of dollars and worked my ass off to be a white supremacist. Oh wait, that was the other guys that thought it was funny to abuse me for a decade.

I don’t need to watch a movie.

Look, I’m not saying it’s a perfect system, but without a whole new education, I can’t WORK my way up in the world. So instead I’ll have to fight for a better world and teaming up with like minded men who want to see similar changes, and a similar culture, is more sensible. What other choice do I have?

I did things the American way. I went to school, got an education and performed well in my field, developing a solid reputation and career, only to have it stolen in an ethnic rampage. I can’t afford that, so fighting back is the only option. It’s not hard to upgrade your community when thousands of people think pain and suffering is hilarious in your current one. Dudes wanted to exterminate my home specifically and came damn close to killing us. So upgrading was easy. When its safe for me to work as a professional in my homeland, I’ll be doing that instead, but right now its not, so this is how I’m fighting back.

All kinds of personalities seem to talk to each other, inside of your head.
Many of them do seem repugnant.

There you go clicking rhe respond button but talking to yourself again.

Get fucked, Gordon. You’re boring as shit.

…except all of that (barring the exploitation part) is fabrication.

This is dertermined.

If you were actually hanging out with Neo Nazis you’d already know all about Himler and all about the Sonnenrad.

The coded iconography is an important part of the ideology thus part of the indoctrination.

If they haven’t shared this stuff then reffer to my original statement about them never really accepting you as a fully blooded member.

Oh, they have. It’s just not the sort of group that sits around pontificating. I was just surprised to find that Himmler is more popular than Hitler. So I made a thread, as I’m curious about the opinion of mainstream people on it. Hitler is a household name, but a lot of people aren’t hip to Himler, and it was only after my initiation (for saving a bunch of black people), that I was granted access to their Nazi section.

I’m not actually concerned about white supremacists because, like I said, they offered me a better deal than the martial arts community. They just did. I tend to look at the people doing the lynchings as the bad guys, no matter what’s coming outta anyone’s mouth. So the guys lynching me and destroying my home I dislike, whereas the guys helping me rebuild my life, I like.

The lesson here for the MA community is not to behave WORSE than neo-nazis. Otherwise that’s the world I would be building.