What’s the normal number of Black belts at any serious Martial Arts school?

I was listening to a somewhat youtuber basically brag about how he owned judo black belts

But then he mentioned they had 50 black belts, all these rules like you can’t grab this way etc

So I was wondering if 50 is a high number of black belts for a serious school

The youtuber Rokas likes to jerk himself off as some kind expert because he earned his blue belt online and trains mma…the school he trained at seems sketchy

Belt ranks are silly social constructs.


Not what I asked

Don’t feel badly about it.
It takes a while to learn what are the important questions to ask, and which questions are a waste of time.

Oh, that guy? LOL, he’s going for he clicks.

He did something about doing Judo with the french olympic team or something. Nobody beat the shit out of him, because, it’s bad form to just beat the shit out of obvious white belts.

He made a video where he spoke to Shintaro Higashi and basically jerked himself off saying what equaled to maybe I was just to good at BJJ with my fake blue belt and MMA skills.

Thanks man, maybe one day you’ll learn to stop being a simp and atroll

Yeah, Shintaro was pretty nice to him if I recall correctly.

To answer you question, 50 black belts in a school/club in the USA would be a HUGE judo place. 50 black belts on the mat at one time, yeah, in Japan, I can see that as fairly common, depending…

Maybe France too…they have a huge number of judoka.

He’s neither.

OK, he does some trolling, but we all do, LOL.

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Are you calling yourself a monkey?

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Even with a large enough numbers of trials?

Quite right, I stand corrected.