What is the "town square," and why should you care?

Legacy forum user bneterasedmynam and I got into a lengthy discussion about this, a couple years back, and it has turned in to a real thing.

The “town square,” is a de-facto meeting place, where your First Amendment rights can be exercised without fear of retribution or censorship. In our online world, that translates roughly to “social media.”

The idea (my idea, that is) is that when all of social media is concentrated into a few places, say Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, it’s all good, because they are “private companies.” However, when these giants become overlords of free speech, they need some checks and balances.

Section 230 will feature heavily in this discussion. As will the Sherman Antitrust Act, which is what is leading me to kick this off, anew.

IMO, you cannot be the town square and simultaneously police speech. That is a tenant that we strive for, here at Bullshido.net. The rest of the world? meh, not so much.

Ready… steady… GO!


And, here you go:

“On Wednesday, YouTube announced that it will begin removing any content alleging widespread voter fraud influenced the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election.”

You are now not allowed to postulate on the merest morsel that maybe some shady shit happened. But, Russia fucking tanked the thing for Trump in 2016. Give me a fucking break.

Regardless of the outcome, the “election,” does not happen until next week.

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Oops. When the Democrats are coming after you, you done fucked up.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Rep. Paul Gosar introduced the Break Up Big Tech Act of 2020, which would take away legal immunity from interactive computer service providers that engage in certain manipulative activities, including social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, who act as publishers by moderating and censoring content.

So now the Government is going to violate “Big Techs” free speech rights in order to protect our free speech rights?

From private companies.

LOL, the irony…

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You fuckers moderate my speech here and I’ll sue !

Wut u mean, terms and conditions of service ? Wut dat?

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Because this issue is near and dear to my heart I’ll throw this out there.

There’s a difference between policing speech and policing users. As the Discord thingy said, your speech won’t be censored, but you might be.

We live in an age where there now exist nefarious online cults who harass, dox, and physically threaten others over their political views, their race, their sexuality, and body. And so at some point it does behoove these platforms to remove the microphone. How is it any different from IRC, Counterstrike chat, or WoW players who abuse the comm system? Apparently soon as people started getting booted from FB and Twitter for being openly racist, they didn’t just flock to places like Parler, they also invaded online MMORPG chat.

Just today on FB I came across the profile of a very overt white supremacist, with his own network of white power friends in different countries. As I went through and reported the various anti Semitic and anti minority tropes, I already knew FB would do nothing (and they did nothing).

I see nothing wrong with social media companies policing their own users. They aren’t the government. And once upon a time I ran the most popular Quake 2 server on the east coast and I had to ban openly Nazi asshats left and right.

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Exact-a fucking-correct.

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I feel like reporting people has become a form of bullying though. People do it to be vindictive.

I was banned from Facebook for thirty days in March. Why? I was in a new group to which someone had added me and we were discussing the Cherokee Nation asking Jeep to rename the Jeep Cherokee. I made a joke: I said, they should rename it the Jeep White Devil. And, either the robots saw the keywords or someone reported me and I was banned for 30 days. Why 30 days? I have been disciplined a few other times for even more frivolous nonsense.

I tried to appeal. My appeal was processed almost instantly which tells me the appeal process is automated. The same robots that banned me reviewed their own decision, I guess. The only other form of appeal is to the Civil Rights commission. I went ahead and did that for the hell of it but obviously never heard back.

Then… I was back for a few days and got banned again for 30 more days. I still have 20-something days to go. Why? I dared to argue that Cancel Culture exists. Half a dozen dudes tried to troll me gangbang style but I defended myself a little too well and got reported for harassing them. Never mind that I was mainly posting journalistic media and replying to people posting just as often who did not get reported at all. I got singled out.

I’m a Liberal Democrat. I’m not Ben Shapiro. I just don’t think the Disney lady said anything antisemitic or monstrous. She envoked the holocaust but saying it’s antisemitic to compare something you think is harmful to the holocaust is ridiculous. It’s the exact opposite. It means you think the holocaust is the epitome of injustice and suffering.

If I say a restaurant is a “hell hole” am I diminishing the suffering of imaginary people in hell? If I say my friend is “like Batman” for bringing me some coffee am I reducing Batman to just a dude with some coffee? Pretending sardonic wit doeesn’t exist and pretending you forgot how people talk… just so you can get one over on the other team… is really shitty. People are being really shitty and I am going to call them out on it.

But, of course, I didn’t report any of the trolls harrassing me because I am not a d-bag. I figure the punishment should fit the crime. When someone calls me an asshole then I call them an asshole back. That seems fair. I don’t try to ban them from interacting with their friends and family for thirty days. And, I sure as hell don’t try to get them fired or some crazy shit.

Justice is supposed to be proportionate.

I am on my second month away from Facebook because I thought it was important to stand up to a mob of smirking little buttholes. I should have let them stay dumb. Smh

People always claim free speech only applies to freedom from the government but the government also has an obligation to keep mobs from silencing you. Maybe the RICCO act apllies. You can’t allow mobs or corporations or Twitter goons to force people to comply to some arbitrary and forever changing standards… under the threat of real world harassment, intimidation and… you possibly losing your job because your boss has to fire anyone anytime there is an incident of any sort that coukd lead to some bad press.

I hate Nazis. My mom grew up in Nazi occupied Greece. The actual Nazis murdered my relatives. My dad and his brother joined the US Navy because Nazis shot their relatives. I’m not a fan. But, I want Nazis right out where I can see them. I don’t want them censored. I want them to be damn fools in public so people know who they are and don’t associate with them.

I also don’t want mobs of overzealous SJWs attacking every artist who posts a picture of a girl in a bikini or every comedian that makes them feel bad with an off color joke.

If someone offends you… flip them off, man. Are you going to bankrupt them? Burn their house down? How much payback do they deserve?

Sure, arrest Harvey Weinstein. But, people who were just a little rude or “toxic” aren’t in the same category. It’s not all the same thing. Sometimes, someone is just a douchebag, not a monster.

I mean, as a mod… just lock the thread or tell people to chill or something. You’re going to report them to the Facebook police and get them banned for 30 days? Really? Fuck you. You did that shit out of spite. You used reporting like a tool to harrass someone you didn’t agree with… and that makes you a butthole.

I mean, kick me out of the damn group if you hate me that much. Don’t tell Zuckerberg I’m hiding in the attic like Anne Frank. Holy shit.

Fuck censorship and fuck reporting people and fuck all the vindictive little bullshit games. It’s petty. It’s nonsense and it’s petty. Grow up. Tell people they are shitheads then block them or tell them to fuck off… don’t run to the hall monitor and have them erased from the entire Internet and fuck up their lives beyond repair or redemption. That’s just… bitchy.

Show some kind of… sense of scale. Geez.

“Imagine… you’re a self-righteous tool who thinks policing the Internet for random hot takes you can use to get actors fired is your solemn duty. Then equating that with social justice. You guys are the Derek Chauvin hall monitors of Twitter and, ‘I can’t breathe.’” ~ me

Alright, goodnight. Zz



We have found your cosmic twin ^^^

Exactly my position. They have 1st and 5th Amendment rights as a company. They can protect their product any way they see fit as long as it does not violate anyone else’s rights. Censoring any content they deem irresponsible use of their product is their right.

I’ve been suspended before by Twitter over some bullshit too so I just stopped using Twitter. Period. I think Facebook is a shithole of unthought so I don’t fucking use it either. Reddit is so badly gamed that I only barely dip in sometimes, but avoid it like the plague during election years because it is clearly being gamed by all kinds of fucked up factions. FFS, Trump even hinted strongly at gaming “the algorithm” for Reddit on national TV during a campaign stop and if that MF’er even knows what an algorithm is I’ll eat my hat. It was some shit his campaign told him during a briefing so he decided to brag about it like it was some shit he thought of himself. Cambridge Analytica’s whole shit is gaming the fuck out of mining the fuck out of social media which is why I don’t do a god damned thing in my real name on the internet.

That is the more dangerous thing. They collect every fucking thing you do and use it against you. The unreasonable search and seizure that our founding fathers warned about is going on right out in the open. I’m even suspicious AF about this website sometimes because shit we discuss here winds up somehow in my youtube feed without me ever looking at anything like that. It’s got to the point where every forum and social media account I have needs to have a different email address so there’s nothing for anyone to collect.

Every fucking scrap of everything we do is being collected for targeted marketing and it’s only a fucking hop skip and a jump to a country that uses that information to control everything in your life like they do in modern China’s techno-police state, not unlike every other police state. They don’t have to crush everything anymore, they just make sure the only people whose voice ever gets heard is the one saying exactly what their ultranationalist “terror is good, freedom is slavery” goon squad wants you to hear.

China, Russia, Iran and their proxies all over the middle east, Asia and slavic Eastern europe are literally making the word “freedom” into a dirty word just like Orwell said they would.

They fucking eat that shit up just like Orwell said they would too.

My exwife is a Slav. She consumes their social media poison all fucking day and can go on one hour rant about why American freedom is poisonous and stupid and she doesn’t mean it in the ironic way that we do, she means it in the way that it’s actually bad for us to not have state censorship and state run media.

She and her entire family have got that shit all fucking backwards in their head. Some of her nuclear family and my own cousin who is a Russian Orthodox clergyman literally believe Putin is a great guy, Milosevic was innocent and Bashir al-Assad is a martyr because they had the wisdom to stand up against Democracy and evil NATO. Just fucking crazyshit. You motherfuckers haven’t seen that shit yet because you’re comfortable and happy in liberal white man’s paradise but its there and it’s gets closer to America every fucking day.

The shit you guys don’t see yet and I talk about all the time is right outside your fucking door.

The thing we need to regulate is to ban all companies from marketing practices that allow them to collect your identity or create profiles that include any information that could ever be used to identify your party or political affiliation. The SCOTUS and the legislative body largely is fucking retarded when it comes to technology. We need net neutrality, we need people to be anonymous or Big Brother is not only going to be breathing down our necks but that he’s going to go balls deep in every online anus from here to North Korea.

Nope, no stupid delusional bullshit in the PNW, nope, none at all, keep moving folks…

Yeah, this is true. Someday, I can talk about that in more detail.

Yep, this is 100% true, it is my primary occupation, currently.

That sounds ominous.

That time when you got demonitized by 7 different complaints:


If you are in charge you cry freedom. If someone else is you cry protection.