What are you listening to?

The emotional come down from the judo has hit. Im a wreck today. Im not going to train for a while, and I’ve been exhausted. A week of nothing but self care and some creative stuff at most for me I think.

I am, however, thinking about the next 1 v 100. When I have fought 1000 rounds, I will probably retire from all but training for personal reasons

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Genuinely contemplating a light session in the gym today

Got my surgery in a months time in south korea

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Musing moment:

I may be being too observational here, but the more I interact with people my age and slightly younger, the more I see an attitude of a lack of compassion that I didn’t think was so prevalent. ‘Toxic’ this, ‘toxic’ that, sometimes, remembering the person underneath and they may be in pain will make you look at things with a bit more of a rounded perspective. Not everyone is malicious.

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The fatigue is slowly fading, feel like after a weird three months, a lot has happened but it’s starting to come right after a lot of turbulence.

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Trying to work out how Im going to do a total of 10 of the 1 v 100’s if I change style each year (yes I am going full Avatar the Last Airbender you cannot stop me), because lets face it, 1000 rounds for charity is a massive enough goal it’s worth fighting for

Let’s say I did something like

  1. Boxing for Mental Health
  2. Some kind of weapon discipline for something like EDS
  3. Something like Muay Thai/Lethwei or knockdown karate for Fibromyalgia
  4. Possibly another grappling art like Sambo for BJJ for cancer research again

The big question is: at what point do I put Sumo in there?

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Me realizing the VAT return on my surgery funds a flight to japan in Aizu’s cherry blosssom season

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I for one support your vision of 100 Lethwei matches.

You’ll survive maybe 1-2, but when the cause is worthy, there can be no defeat.

I may be broken physically, but the spiritual experience of enduring that first one really got me out here wondering how far I can go.

Hell Im still barely able to do much from the judo one, strained my abs yesterday locking a door lmao

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Nobody steps into a ring who is not battling their own demons.

However, abusing one’s self through accident or excess,

in the ring, or otherwise, is precisely how one’s demon’s win.

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Hi! I’m your Grammar Demon! You use too many commas, your paragraph structure is all fucked up, and that final apostrophe is wrong.

You are also projecting. Plenty of people step into the realm with no demons, but people like you are there to give them some.

Dumbass. Maybe it’s time you learned to fight for real.

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Maybe the real posts were the friends we made along the way

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How is he giving people demons when you’re a whole cyberstalker targeting legit athletes?

He’s just hearing about surgery and this that and the other, combined with 100 rounds of boxing. If anything, he’s somewhat concerned. Like sincerely, not passive aggressively.

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Like your previous note, head trauma combat sports, especially boxing, but also sports where kicks to the head are common, take a helluva cumulative toll.
There is sometimes a delay before the effects of the often permanent trauma are perceived and noted.
Professional boxing gyms are very prudent and judicious about the amount and frequency, and intensity, of live sparring to preserve the athlete, especially the brain box.