Viking Samurai: Is Steven Seagal a Martial Arts Fraud? / And is Seagal really a Narcissist?

Martial Arts Film Youtuber Viking Samurai did a video where he discusses the public opinion on Steven Seagal and Aikido.


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That was actually a worthwhile watch, although I did detect the odor of fan worship. At least they were somewhat critical of Seagal’s claims.

I do agree, you can’t really compare Seagal to outright frauds like the 3 D’s (Dux, Dillman, Davis). And I definitely agree the Lebell incident changed Seagal’s entire attitude.

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Oh the comments section is gold.

Anybody spot the error here?

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I got to the part where he said “years in Krav Maga” and then didn’t take another word he said seriously.

Too bad, you missed a lot.

Remember, teh real KM is just basically Imi Litchfield’s mashup of boxing, judo, gymnastics, and wrestling. And swimming, technically. All good things.

You are probably thinking of the American McDojo version of Krav Maga, which based on the guys who made this video, are not into since they both seem to definitely support alive training (using the SBG definition, obviously).

“K.C. Fighting System” though…that is a fucking riot on wheels. Holy shit, internet.

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Is that the unmasked judge from the Chauvin trial? This might be better suited for Sociocide…

Wabbit, I don’t give a shit. I’d just use google myself to see whatever opinion you borrowed.

Actually, we’ve discussed KM on Bullshido for over a decade.

No need to Google what is already here.

But you go on doing whatever the fuck it is you do other than train.

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