Un American news

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I found this site about Venezuela. I have family who still lives there.

Welcome to Bullshido!


I get the argument against cuties. But thought it was a storm in a tea cup.

It seems to have moved on to Buzz light year. Which is an over reaction.

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Are they still doing the catholic /protestant thing?

Out fucking?

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It’s the protestant Unionists that are the problem

The UK doesn’t really want them because they are a shower of extremists

Nor does the Republic

NI voted remain, the Unionists are leavers, who want to be treated just like the rest of the UK when it comes to customs and Excise, but not marriage equality or abortion

They are currently in a minority in the legislative assembly, but have effectively stymied any legislative progress by not appointing the key people who will constitute a quorum

They refuse to compromise and are still fighting the Battle of the Boyne

Perhaps we should ship them off to Israel

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