Um, What the Hell Happened to the Election?

Has anyone actually taken a look at the HIGHLY unusual election procedure and circumstances? The anomalies and bizarre activities are through the roof. I thought Stop The Steal was fake at first and openly laughed at them until I saw what was done to our nation.

Short version is this: We got supposedly got hacked by Russia in 2016. In reponse, the entire 2020 election was run by an unappointed, unelected technofascist regime. This cabal merged military, federal and corporate power to control the minds of the population through a massive propaganda push. What happens is this; once you say something that a “stakeholder” doesn’t like a "ticket’ is made. Some are discarded. Others are sent up to several different tiers of analysts who decided whether to pull your post or not. Then they go around to every other social media platform to get rid of your idea, meme, post, statement, etc. This is how society is run now. Ideas that the stakeholders wish to eliminate are quietly scrubbed from the net with the held of the NSA, FBI, AARP (!) and a number of other federal agencies. Then the internet is rerouted to direct you and others to a state sponsored opinion. Then they send “validators” to tell the public that the party line is all totally true.

What they did with the election is criminal, but the ramifications extend FAR beyond that.

Nah, seriously. That’s what happened.

(3) TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Conspired To Stop Trump From Winning, Manipulating Laws And News - YouTube

I just reviewed the original documents they referenced and man, Biden didn’t win the election. Neither did Trump. Technofascists control EVERYTHING now.

Just post original documents.

That YouTube version is full of bullshit and almost hits batshit Sandy Hook conspiracy threshold.

I’d like to see an in-depth accounting for some of these rather large anomalies. If the election had swung the other way there’d be focus and investigation by the talking heads.

“elite cabal” = AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce by the way.

Democracy wins again.

And twitter and facebook and the FBI and NSA and AARP and NAACP and a whole lot of other groups that are way out of their lane.

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Thats’s also not an original document. I’ll upload the actual documents soon. Got like 400 pages of this craziness. My boy was trying to tell me about shady national guard units, and I laughed it off. Showed up like 15 min later into the read through. All of this is unprecedented and absolutely inanse.

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It’s the Time article the YouTube video commentary was referring to, so it’s the original document as far as that video, and video commentary by third uninvolved parties who aren’t expert opinion should be summarily avoided. They are as worthless as those Sandy Hook Truther videos, something Tim is always just a chin pubic hair short of.

And I’m not sure it’s a “shadow conspiracy” when there are public press releases.

Here’s the official union press release from November 3rd (hours after Trump idiotically called for the counts to stop).

As Americans head to the polls on Election Day, U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas J. Donohue, National Association of Evangelicals President Walter Kim, AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka and National African American Clergy Network Co-Convener Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner called for all votes to be counted in accordance with applicable laws:

Count the votes? Yep, that’s got shadow cabal elitism written all over it.

Also Tim Pool is a moron shit stirrer who purposefully misrepresented the Time article (lol, secret shadowy cabal conspired)

Just like he misrepresents a lot of things playing at being a journalist, when in fact he’s just another YouTube influencer with a big mouth and extremely biased subscribers.

Kim Kardashian with a beard and a beanie. Not sure when the internet became infested with assclowns but they definitely took off after 2012.

You just don’t like him because he’s your neighbor. Admit it.

He’s lucky he’s not. I’d probably give him a howdy neighbor, Rand Paul style.

The original documents exist and I have them. That’s literal fascism. You know full well what they did.

An idiot who claims the things they claim will get them banned from YouTube but does not get banned from YouTube probably understands they are being an idiot and wants a new car.

What they do actually is give you a ticket, analyze the ticket and then make their play. It’s much worse than either Pool or Times is suggesting.

Also, what’s an influencer? Is that something like a “validator”? You of all people know what they did Rabbit, and its unamerican, unconstitutional and highly illegal.


I know what they can do with their tickets.

Sorry, I am on vacation until Election Year 2024.

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I’m sure you are. LOL