UFC 264 discussion

I just posted this to say “that’s it” for Connor McGregor in the UFC and probably pro MMA.

I’m sure he’s got a few more phony hype fights to bank off of exhibition fights with internet losers but he’s done. He was done after the Khabib fight but now he’s extra done.

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You’re gonna love this.

McGregor was training his lower legs wrong, and I have proof.


To this.


Haven’t seen baby calves like these since City Slickers. ><


I don’t think you are in any position to judge Connors calves.

I’m looking for a picture I have somewhere that will convince you, but yeah “Chicken Hawk Leg” McGregor finally got his.

By “his” I mean training and competing like a moron, in reverse (like his leg).

That’s the thing about guys who pump their upper body. They neglect Leg Day.

This is not the picture. But also don’t do this.


Also not the picture, but OMG such cute lower baby legs.

WTF. This guy isn’t eating enough potatoes OR training his lower legs.

That’s all it takes. Gravity, time, crack.


Suddenly there are 70 million “Connor McGregor Leg” hits and I don’t find the damn picture I really want to post.

It looks like this.


He really does seem to not only avoid having muscle around that area of bone, but do stupid poses for the camera all the time in ways that clearly put immense stress on those baby calves.

Skeletal strength only goes so far, compared to muscle and connective tissue’s ability to handle gravitational load.

We can have a discussion about the failure of TKD in MMA if you want. I’ll go there.

One news site I saw about Connor said his leg “buckled”. IS that a technical term?

Still no pic, but just for comparison, this is a mature calf.


Not a mature looking calf:

How many UFC champs have you trained again?

How is that relevant to this discussion?

Are you saying a UFC champ trainer is to blame for these weak ass calves??

I agree. That, and the TKD stances

Still can’t find it. Wow.

This isn’t it but again, it’s right there in broad daylight.

Got it.

This is a really bad attempt to replicate a Chinese kung fu technique.

Bad as in for your lower leg bones, if done incorrectly like this, with chicken hawk calves.

Man, with the ridiculous amount of shit he talks about other people, I don’t mind deucing on him in public like this.

He’s bad for the sport. He’s a bad sportsman. He’s a classless bully.

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Benny the Jet is a freak of nature. I’m just saying. The man was built like brick and moved like a cannonball.

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Have you ever had an injury like that? Even with rehab that’s a toss up. Some people get worse and are just fine, some people get less and they limp for life.

No. I hope he Bounces back.

I also have never fought in the UFC.

I also have never donated 1.3 million pounds to Irish hospitals and other neat things you might not know Connor has done.

Make fun of his mouth if you like. It can be rather loud and annoying.

But leave his calves alone.

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There’s also the time he took a swing at an old man in a pub for turning down his whiskey at a promotion.

Kinda takes a whole other level of shitbag for a pro fighter to throw hands on a harmless old man.

I enjoyed watching his leg snap in half. Fuck Conor. He has been overhyped his entire career. I’ve been saying that for years. He’s a really good fighter and has had a few quality wins. But he is nowhere near his hype. He has talked his way into becoming the face of the sport and has become a bazillionaire doing it. Good on him for that. But he doesn’t belong in any discussion at all about “great fighters” or “all-time greats” or any of that shit. He was good. That’s all.

It’s bad for the sport when the promotion starts confusing ignorant fans into thinking their biggest draw is one of their best fighters, when he’s not.

Also, fuck any ignorant jackasses who think this wasn’t a legit win for Dustin. Nevermind the fact that he was beating Conor’s ass in round one. Conor’s leg injury was no “accident.” Dustin broke that motherfucker. Do people really think a leg breaks like that because you step back wrong? Bwaaahahahaa! Hell naw! Conor kicked. Dustin checked. It cracked, and then broke in two when he stepped on it hard. It was a tactical error on Conor’s part that led to the break. It was technical superiority on Dustin’s part. It’s a legit TKO.

Bye, Conor. Eat shit.


Also, I really think fighters should reconsider this whole leg kicking thing. I know it can be highly effective. I know it can basically cripple a fighter if landed correctly, especially multiple times. But goddamn, it’s risky to the kicker.

I’ve been watching fighters suffer these types of breaks since before MMA even existed. It happens. And I think pro fighters are becoming much more adept at checking leg kicks. You’re going to see more and more snapped legs.

If you want to leg kick some drunk dude at Hooters, go for it. But if you plan to throw 50 leg kicks against a pro fighter who has been practicing checking those kicks for the past ten years, you’re taking a huge risk and might end up with part of your leg flopping around like a wind sock.


Agree on both counts.

He was outgunned by Poirer and Khabib both from the beginning to the end. It was never in doubt from the moment they engaged that Connor was outclassed in terms of skill and strength in both fights. Honestly, I think he knows it and all of this “bad guy” wrestler schtick is a cover for whatever is wrong with his character.


Yeah. He’s had one win in the last five years. Not exactly stellar. Skill wise, Conor is basically Frank Mir. He’s a gatekeeper. He’s solid, always dangerous and capable of beating anyone on any given night. He was hot early in his career, but then faded. He’s not a consistent winner at the highest level and he also has some glaring weaknesses.

Personally, I think Conor’s best win ever was against Chad Mendes. That was a quality win against an excellent wrestler. He should be super proud of that one.