Trans advantage?

Well, if you are following the exploits of Lia the Penn State swimming, you will see that the female swimmers are not exactly thrilled.

That’s a man, baby.

In the case of the Penn State swimmer, the women are not very happy about it.

Artfully ducked sir

Artfully ducked

There was nothing thrown, you made a nonsense statement, which you commonly do.

Noted .


She competes again later this month.

Penn’s next swim meet is the Ivy League Championships, starting Feb. 16, and Thomas has already qualified for several events at next month’s NCAA swimming championships.

This case seems pretty clear cut

The trans athlete involved should do the right thing and resign from the team

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just drug the fuck out of minors so they could be better competitors?

Why are Russians such fucking cheaters?

Trans athletes in races after they are told that their presence in women’s sport is unfair:

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It’s the communist way?

I have come across some cheaters in my time and they generally consider that the cheating the rules as part of the competition as in who can game round the rules the best.

They also convince themselves that everyone is doing it so if they do not then they will be at a disadvantage.


You know what, I hope this IS photoshop. I’ve shared this drunk AF but if it isn’t Photoshop, transdicksuckers need to clearly check themselves.

Doesn’t appear to be - there are plenty of examples of this, out there - different images.

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Well, there you go. Seems kind of common-sensible.

Can’t have that!

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