Training martial art/contact sport at home

There’s good Higaonna stuff on youtube, at least for my level of Goju Ryu.

I would definitely love to watch and film myself drilling the very basics of Doce Pares Escrima.

But it would be hard to explain to the Doctor why I need bamboo sticks in the hospital, especially to the shrink one who can’t stop offering me sedatives.

The reflex ball is fun, after controlling it a bit allows you to start trying to look like fighting while at it.
Definetly a must have even for mere entertaining purposes.

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A lot of the Higaonno stuff i just looked at are DVD excerpts. Good to see others are getting access.

Double end bag is gold, you can set it up in most scenarios (apartments, houses, rooms, etc.). Can work slipping, blocking, reflex work, etc.

… not sure about the grappling. I’d probably just focus on strength/speed work to help me when i get back to it. My focus was go back stronger, fitter, faster.

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