TMA side kick too lethal for MMA!

The TMA side kick is too dangerous for MMA. It’s only suitable for the street.


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I landed one of those once.

Back in my TKD days my instructor gave me the self-defense volume of Bruce Lee’s Fighting method. Theres a lot of sidekicks to the knee in that book.

I ended up sidestepping a not very nice guy in a parking lot and landing that kick which hurt him enough that I could get away.

I never used it against someone who actually knows how to fight, though. It’s pretty cool to see it in action in a high level competition context. I’m not enough of an expert to say whether or not it should be allowed in MMA, though.

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Welcome stranger!

I am the resident inebriated redneck stoner. Yes, fighting people who don’t know how to fight is preferable in most situations.

May all of your nefarious foes be as silly.

Certainly not too deadly. MMA is dangerous work. I’d rather get swelling in the knee than swelling in the brain.


Valid point!

I don’t forsee myself fighting pros anytime soon (whether it be in a cage or a five-story pagoda) so I’ll take your word for it. If anything, I’ll use my deadly ninja manipulation skills to befriend people who are better at fighting than me over drinks.

Also, thanks for the warm welcome! I guess I’d be “resident weeb gal in tabi boots because the other local historical Japanese sword dojo closed down.”

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