This is my favorite Aikido practioner

Her name is Sayaka Akimoto and she’s a nidan in Aikikai AIkido. She’s half Japanese and half Filipino.

This is unrelated but here’s a picture of her best friend Sae Miyazawa.

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Fuck. I thought I just got another Facebook friend request for a second there.


No magic pants

No aikido

I thought that was Mormons.

In 4:20 she puts on her Aikido uniform. Happy?


Mormons have magic underwear. Look it up.


Nidan isn’t shit in Aikido, come back when she’s at least godan.

I did. Apparently the magic is just moisture wicking.

Yeah @gregaquaman

You ignoramus

And I am not any kind of dinosaur.

Something about that gi she’s wearing makes me think that might not regulation issue.

I think this calls for emergency randori.

She’s the japanese dub voice for Mantis in the GOTG movies and the Avengers films if Im not mistaken?

Yeah. Some sort of k pop girl or something.

The marvel movies were a big role for her considering she usually does B movies. She got famous for being in a japanese pop group called AKB 48.

To be fair I cant image the marvel’s mouses multi media mega money movies not being big for anyone involved, regardless of role size.

Isn’t there also a high correlation between japanese voice actors and also being singers?

I’m not really sure. Maybe they are. But I do know there is a high correlation of being a japanese drama actress and a pop star.

I read Robert Twigger’s book on getting his black belt at the Yoshinkan thru the riot police course and the guy basically admitted he barely knew enough to make a half-decent breakfall once.

Shodan in Japan is shit. 8th graders get shodan in Judo in Japan.

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Now that is somewhat surprising to me. Aikido, sure, I can see that. Karate I can see that. But I thought judo players had a bit more demanding standards.

Depends on what you mean by demanding. An 8th grade shodan from Japan could be pretty darned tough at judo competition. One from a prominent high school might be a real killer…

Shodan in the US and Europe is a much bigger deal because BLACK BELT, lol.