Thesis: Obsession with conformity to gender roles is humanity's most tragic self-own

Exhibit A:

Is it really just “conformity to gender roles?” Or, is it a wanton disregard for safety and forethought which manifested in a giant dick-measuring contest, that was within the socially acceptable behavior of a community?

You really want to know how that child is going to be emotionally damaged? By knowing that the sharing of their gender caused death, injury, and severe property damage.



I definitely wish my daughters would lend more of a hand around the farm

Lazy cows

I’m not sure that’s how I’d really characterize a gender reveal forest fire, but the latter phenomenon can certainly be in service of the former.

1,000% agree on that.

Fireworks in general are often a stupid idea.
In a wildfire prone area, the height of stupidity regardless of why someone lights them off.

On another note, when people bring out tannerite, I depart the shooting area.
As in get in my car and leave.

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No, because if gender reveal parties went non binary, they’d be just as lethal, only more colorful.

At this point though fires are kind of mundane. To make a real impact the expecting couple needs to take out some infrastructure.

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Uh, how would that work? What would there be to “reveal”?

Pretty colors and destructuon proportional to the kilotonnage.

People “coming out” as trans or whatever the most accurate word is?

It’s amazingly similar to being “born again” in some ways.

I mean, a gay person (a bit off topic) who had been closeted could have a massive coming out party complete with fireworks, whatever?

Why not a trans person?

The issue isn’t really gender, it’s people doing stupid shit to celebrate.

Just shooting off fireworks during fire season for the hell of it is stupid, and usually illegal.

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I mean, they do have “coming out” parties sometimes, but I’ve never heard of one involving pyrotechnics or incendiary devices generally, or otherwise threatening the lives and well-being of people in the surrounding area.

Unlike gender reveal parties, which seem to cause some kind of catastrophic death and/or destruction at a rate of once every two weeks or so.


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But what does that have to do with gender reveal specifically?

Are you positing that it’s because it’s a “gender” reveal that so many accidents happen?

Every 2 weeks there is a gender reveal disaster?

Upon further review, I get it.

This is comedy.

Good one, sorry I took you seriously, you got me.

I dunno, I’d like it.

You tell me. Why does this shit keep happening with gender reveal parties, and apparently not other kinds of celebrations? What about revealing what a baby has between its legs makes explosions seem appropriate?

Seems harmless enough to me if no explosives involved, or if used safely and properly licensed.

I think it’s likely an expression of current social media-focused culture, narcissism, etc. Gender reveal is just something else to get attention?