There is no difference between mocking HIV and COVID19 patients

There is no difference between mocking HIV and COVID19 patients who get infected and/or die by engaging in risky behaviors related to infections.
If it is wrong to mock or harass the one, then it is wrong to mock or harass the other regarding engaging in risky behaviors that may increase the chances of getting infected.

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Is mocked the right word? chastised id say.

The significant difference of course is that most people that get covid wont get seriously ill so the restrictions will seam unreasonable to many understandably but with the BAD AIDZ you are a complete fucking idiot to risk catching that.

I have friends that take those risks with TBA and I chastise them.

The covid risk takers not so much , namely because I was one of them from time to time.

But I never went in to battle unsheafed.

So what I am trying to say is that those recklessly playing with the BAD AIDZ deserve far more chastisement than the covid IMO

Unlike HIV, you can actually get the rona from a touching a toilet seat?

If HIV had a safe and effective vaccine, but a person contracted it anyway because they were vaccine deniers

Yeah, mock those fools

If they then transmitted it knowingly

Gaol time

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HIV infection is entirely and easily preventable except for rare, freak occurrence, with simple behavioral choices regarding very, very specific elective behaviors.
It’s not airborne, from breathing, coughing, or sneezing.
You don’t get it with casual skin contact either.
No vaccine is necessary to almost entirely eliminate the aggregate and individual transmission of HIV.
Unlike COVID19, where simply breathing can transmit it, and cause one to get infected as well.
Breathing is not elective.
Not for animals, anyway, to live.

So in your scenario, anti maskers equate to anti condomers

If a person contracts an easily preventable disease because they are too ignorant, arrogant or politically motivated to follow basic public health guidance, then they are antisocial selfish narcissists and deserve derision. What ever the disease

If they then spread that disease to others then they should be held accountable

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reminds me of this I saw the other day

The question is, if a person is so reckless to do that, they are most likely the kind of person who would also spread it recklessly. People who drive recklessly for thrills do not immediately slow down just because they see someone else on the road and become considerate like that.

There are strong parallels.

Amazingly, there are places were it is legal, criminally, to knowingly have unprotected sex with another person, without informing them you are HIV positive to obtain truly informed consent.

And we have seen people knowingly go to work, and/or school, or send their children to school, COVID19 positive, sometimes without wearing masks, etc., other people get infected, etc, seemingly without consequence.

How barbaric

So I can mock HIV guys?


You are Australian.
No one expects good behavior from you, or your lot.
The fact you all have survived this long after being exiled to that penal colony for bad behavior has surprised us all.

You sir, have the strangest ethics. This is a good thing, but strange.

Nowt queer as folk

Yep. Being a cunt is a cultural thing.

Demanding otherwise is racist.

Speaking of which. Mabye we should have gone the same route with our covid campaign that we did with aids.

Proposition 1: “Who laughs last, laughs best”
Proposition 2: “The dead cannot laugh”
Thesis: “The living keep on laughing”
Antithesis: “The dead keep on decomposing”
Synthesis: “Decomposing sucks ass”

Corollary: “The dead are lame. Let’s point at their silly tombstones and laugh away LOL”

You do make a point, the dead have no feelings to hurt.
Their survivors, and children do.
However, drawing lines at comedy, satire, and laughing at our selves, and our species comes with its own costs.
So, point made.

Don’t worry, God will smite my heathen ass with mighty rays of justice