The Space/UFO Thread

Well, we’ve got Space Force, with a Federation logo, and a special provision in the COVID Stimulus v2 which says the executive branch has to come clean on UFOs before Independence Day.

Now, these:

Understandably, people are not used to the idea of our own space trash falling out of the sky. It does happen, though.

But, with the UFO move and Space Force, I wonder how much we just don’t know. OK, discuss!

Have you even watched X-Files?

Even better, I have Millennium on DVD.

The one with the android from Aliens?

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Yes, Lance Henrikson, or however you spell it. He also had a nice part in Jennifer 8, iirc.

Millennium was dark

Lulz on the ref !

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I got the alien killin’ game, X-COM 1, for my birthday

The graphics can seem a little dated but great game play

You have a 95% chance to hit. (Guaranteed miss.) I played the hell out of that game. Base building is very important. If you build in the wrong order and/or too slowly it can screw you completely even at moderate difficulty…

How do you mean?

Nothing hurts more when your best soldier gets killed

I mean, I missed a lot of point blank shots that I shouldn’t have missed. Also, I wouldn’t know. I don’t think I ever lost my best guys. I sent a lot of red shirt fillers straight to hell though.

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I’d like to hear the soldiers reply in regional accents and vernacular according to their flag

That’s a great game. Punishingly hard though. The sequel is fantastic and the DLC is well worth it as well if you enjoyed the original.

It’s all part of my long term entertainment strategy

I always meant to buy the sequel but I never can seem to catch it on sale and I’m not paying near full price for a game that old. (or anything if I can help it).

Try eBay

That’s where I got mine

I think I got banned from eBay. I’m not sure exactly.

What did you do?

I called one of their admins a hypocrite and I pointed out rightfully that they were selling hardcore drug (coke and heroin) paraphernalia after they removed a novelty ukelele I posted with a built-in bong.

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@Dung.Beatles Fair one. It has always been weirdly expensive. It’s good but yes wait for a sale.