The Chinese Spy Balloon Brouhaha

Excellent breakdown (IMO) of the whole Chinese Spy Balloon thing.

Prima posta, too!

Textbook grey zone activity, just like the overseas police stations. I’m skeptical that the administration allowed the balloon to cross the CONUS for counterintelligence purposes, instead of just being kind of incompetent. They aren’t mutually exclusive though. And I’m skeptical of the claims of Chinese incompetence, they’ve been very successful at using access agents and getting HUMINT, and due to incompetence on the part of the SIS managed to destroy the US agent network in mainland China.


Very funny update, VanHerck said the three balloons the Democrats are making such a big deal about during the Trump admin were undetected until after they had already passed over the US. And the DOD and IC declined to bring it up and brief any Trump officials. Lol, just LMAO fucking embarrassing.

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Oh, come on, the Trump Family should have been on watch with binos on top of the white house looking for that shit, man!

Some Correct The Record paid influencer thought about writing that unironically on Twitter I’m sure.

Sorry I don’t get my anals from fucking YouTube, or react to it. I watched 5 seconds, the guy who made the video is a moron. So you should relate.

Seriously go outside. Amazon knows more about you than the Chinese. And if you’re like most Americans, you know zero about the Chinese. Much like the guy who made the “breakdown”.

Once again, ma mothefuckers acting like they know.

Xi nian kua le, slowpokes.

In all fairness I watched the whole thing.

What load of ignorant garbage. What is it that draws so called smart people to this crap.

Like Joe Rogan is an expert on Jews, this guy is an expert on Chinese warfare.

Trash tv.

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Good thing I’m not like most Americans. What is your China experience? At the very least I can say I’ve interacted on a personal and professional level with a Chinese diplomat.

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Presented as an example of analysis, not hot takes on Twitter.

But thanks for the thoughtful response, appreciate it.

He has done some chinese “martial arts”.

Calling shit “cringey” and “based” and “dumb” is not analysis. Maybe that passes for anal here?

The word you’re looking for is “pandering”.

Ever read Sun Wu? Or maybe even saw Shang Chi? Can you pronounce “Chi” correct?

Go ahead, represent. Shock me.

How about using street language when you are a white dude living in suburbia?

Detroit ain’t the suburbs bro. Those folk moved away long ago. It’s one big mess now. Lol “sprawl”. At least the water is a little cleaner than Flint.

I stayed the whole, cold day with a lonely satellite.

Why do you think the Chinese distracted the whole world just now? Keyser Soze level shit.

Right, Detroit…

That’s the ticket…

Fuck the Packers.

You go, girl !

Let’s stick to “the Chinese are dumb” aka your OP.

This is why they’re winning.

You’ve never been to China.

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